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Tear Jerker / Gremlins

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  • Gizmo saying goodbye to Billy at the end.
  • While it also doubles as Nightmare Fuel, Kate’s story about her father’s death being why she hates Christmas is pretty heartbreaking. The way her voice quavers as she recounts how he was dressed in a Santa suit and was planning to surprise her by coming down the chimney, only for it to end in tragedy is hard to listen to.
    Kate: And that’s how I found out there was no Santa Claus...
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  • The scene after Kate tells her father's story. We are treated to Billy and Kate walking amongst the ruins of their once peaceful town. To add further insult to injury there is a Somber version of Silent Night playing in the background.
  • A deleted scene would've shown the aftermath of the gremlins attacking and completely devouring numerous patrons of a McDonalds, and empty baby strollers would've been seen as well. Supposedly one Gremlin would've been found in the wreckage, too fat and full from eating people to leave.


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