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Heartwarming / Gremlins

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  • Billy and Gizmo's bonding moments, complete with Gizmo's motif. It both makes it a relief that the original concept of Gizmo becoming a gremlin was scrapped and tearjerking when Mr Wing comes to take Gizmo back.
    • There's a very sweet moment when Gizmo is startled by the reflection from a mirror and falls down. Billy picks him up, takes him to the bathroom and carefully bandages his head.
  • Billy gives his mother a quick kiss on the cheek for reassurance before he goes back to get Gizmo.
  • Say it together with us; "Bye Billy".
    • From this Mr Wing, despite indignantly lecturing the family, and the human species, over their negligence, assesses that maybe Billy can appreciate Gizmo.
    Mr Wing: Perhaps one day you will be ready. Until then, Mogwai will be waiting.
    • A subtle one, but Gizmo refers to Mr. Wing as "bàba" — Chinese for "dad."


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