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Tear Jerker / From the Earth to the Moon

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  • The entirety of "Apollo One."
  • After the fire, Stormy's son comes home and stops short when he sees his father through the door of his study, crying uncontrollably. His mother silently pulls him away.
  • Especially the last five minutes, where the widows of Grissom, White, and Chaffee present Deke Slayton with an astronaut pin their husbands had planned to give him after the mission, to show the grounded Slayton they considered him a real astronaut even though he'd never flown in spacenote . Made more heart-wrenching by it being Truth in Television, and while the episode suggests it occurred after the hearings and investigation, it actually happened immediately after the accident, when Slayton and other astronauts and their families gathered at Pat White's home to help comfort the bereaved families. Slayton was always moved how when they were suffering the worst losses of their lives, they were thinking of him. It takes a heart of stone to get through the end of this episode without tearing up.
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  • The events in "1968". The successful test launch of the Saturn V cuts immediately Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination. The Borman sons casually discussing the presidential race is halted when they get the newspaper proclaiming that Robert Kennedy was shot. And Susan Borman becomes convinced that the engines on Apollo 8 will fail and leave her husband, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders orbiting the moon in a flying coffin for the rest of time.

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