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Awesome / From the Earth to the Moon

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  • Earthrise, from "1968". The crew is coming around from the far side of the moon on their first orbit (which is an awesome moment in its own right) when they notice Earth through the window. For a long time all they do is stare in wonder before Jim Lovell realizes they ought to be taking some pictures of this, a picture that is called the most influential environmental photograph ever taken. That there were humans looking at Earth from the shore of another world for the first time in all of history is a grade-school fact today, but the Awesome Music swelling and the speechless awe of the three astronauts capture how great that achievement really was.
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  • "I think you should stop this witch hunt and let us go to the moon."
  • "We have cleared the tower, you got it, Houston."
  • EECOM John Aaron becomes a legend when he single-handedly saves the day during Apollo 12. "Try SCE to AUX"


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