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Heartwarming / From the Earth to the Moon

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  • The end of "The Original Wives Club," when Jim discovers that all of his kids had his tonsils out without him knowing, along with various other things, which he's very unhappy about until Marilyn explains that she was trying to protect him from being fatally distracted by worries at home.
    Jim: [after a long pause] ...Thank you.
    Marilyn: For what?
    Jim: Everything.
  • From the same episode, Frank and Susan Borman when he visits her at the center where she's being treated for alcoholism. It's not surprising that it's revealed of the "New Nine" couples, only the Bormans and the Lovells remained married.
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  • The "You saved 1968" telegram in the Apollo 8 episode.
  • The admiration and devotion that Professor Silver earns froms his pupils.
  • In "Apollo 1," the chairman of the Senate committee interrupts Mondale to follow up on Borman's reply of "you had to know Gus" to explain why Gus Grissom hung a lemon on the capsule.note  The chairman asks Borman who the three astronauts were like as people. Borman uses it as an opportunity to eulogize Grissom, White, and Chaffee, and to ask the Senate to stop looking for a scapegoat and let them go to the Moon.

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