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Tear Jerker / Deer Me

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  • Viana's sadder moments in the "Viana is Mopey" arc, such as those described under Jerkass Woobie, are pretty depressing in their own right.
    Viana: {thinking} This must be the only empty spot left. Does this mean that I smell funny? Or look funny? Why did no one sit by me?
  • There's a heartwarming bit where Viana and Thomas have a brief tussle, before falling on the floor together and just enjoying the moment. However, Rasha cuts in, unknowingly insults Viana, and walks off with Thomas. The look on Viana's face is pretty disheartening.
  • The "Crushed Velvet" arc revealed that, before she hooked up with James, Blair had romantic feelings for Velvet. But this causes her a lot of distress, knowing that she can't socially approach her, and then feeling guilty for being attracted to a woman in the first place. It's quite telling when she tells Everett that at least he can ask Velvet out without attracting unwanted attention.
    • Despite it being a Foregone Conclusion, it's still sad to see the normally cheery Velvet's face slacken when James tells her that they're Better as Friends. Especially when she murmurs, "But, I thought..."
  • The "Moving Out" arc. Basically, Thomas decides to move out of the house and in with Aaron, who gained some extra space. Viana is devastated because she has a crush on him, and his moving out means he won't be in her life as much anymore. Despite some funny moments and its heartwarming, reflective ending, it still carries a sad tone in that regard.
  • Velvet finally drops all pretenses and tells Thomas to admit how he feels to Viana. Thomas takes the initiative. Cue Wham Shot of Viana and Aaron making out.
    • The fallout resulting from this is even sadder. Thomas strikes Aaron during their ensuing confrontation. Both are forced to sit down, but neither is willing to talk. Thomas goes to bed visibly regretting what he's done. But by the following morning, the confrontation begins anew.

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