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Tear Jerker / Cabaret

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Stage musical

  • 'What Would You Do?', particularly as Fraulein Schneider is likely - and unfortunately - right about everything she says.
  • The reprise of 'Married.'
    • Let's face it, the entire Fraulein Scheinder and Herr Schutlz relationship is the saddest part of the show.
    • The worst part is that it really looks like he'll convince her about giving the marriage a chance... and then the brick flies through the window.
  • The title song. Natasha Richardson's tragic death does not help.
    • Switch the freight train with the Auchwitz "Arbeit macht frei" gate, and that was pretty much the production I saw. Devastating.
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    • The revival often features the Emcee flinging himself forward at the final as the lights flicker out - implying he leapt onto the electric fence.
  • The introduction of the title song works, too. The Emcee sounds so broken when he tries to give a boisterous introduction to Sally. He also looks seedier; in some versions he has visible track marks on his own.
  • During some versions of the title song, Sally puts a noticeable pause between "The day she died" and "the neighbors came to snicker." There's two possible interpretations for that pause both of which are depressing: If the song is just a metaphor for what Sally's going through, then it could be the moment she realizes what fate her hard-core partying lifestyle will lead her to. If the song is something that actually happened to Sally, then she's reliving her friend Elsie's death and how she overheard people making fun of her on the day she died.

1972 film


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