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Tear Jerker / Bird Box

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  • The beginning, in particular with Malorie seeing her own sister succumb to the creatures and eventually commit suicide by letting a dumpster truck run her over. Her palpable reaction as she slowly begins to realize the gravity of her death in Greg's house is distressing, made worse when she attempts to call her mother only for the lines to never come back.
  • Knowing they won't be able to make it to through the rapids without someone looking, Malorie tells Boy and Girl that she can't look as she must steer and one of them must. Boy volunteers, but she shoots him down and it becomes apparent she wants Girl to do it. The worst part is Girl realises this and tearfully agrees to do so. Thankfully, Malorie has a change of heart and decides to guide and steer herself.
    • Malorie's disdain for Girl in general. The little baby just wants to help her mother figure.
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  • The sheer desperation and rage as Malorie screams for the creatures not to take Boy and Girl from her.
    Malorie: Don't take my children. DO NOT TAKE MY CHILDREN!
  • Boy telling Malorie that Girl is scared of her and Malorie realising just how harsh and cold she has been to her children, especially Girl.
  • After seeing a creature, Tom narrowly manages to cling to his sanity long enough to shoot the final fanatic chasing his family before falling victim to the creature’s influence and committing suicide.


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