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Tear Jerker / Aoharu Machinegun

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  • The trauma of Toy ☆ Gun Gun's former female member, both for the effects it had on the rest of the cast and for the effect it had on that girl.
    • Pretty much every time Midori is a bastard to anyone, most notably to Masamune and Tohru; even the Mouri brothers from Team 11Dogs have a legitimate grudge against Midori, not for beating them but for being such an unrepentant dick about it.
  • Toy ☆ Gun Gun losing the TGC match against Hoshishiro. The ruthless crushing of each successive Hope Spot makes the entire thing progressively more devastating.
    • Hotaru is absolutely devastated, blaming herself for the loss despite the fact that the burden rested on all of their shoulders.
  • The stunned look on Hotaru's face when Masamune kicks her off of the team.
    • Followed by Tohru's confrontation with Masamune, which ends with Tohru storming out and is clearly hard on both of them.
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  • Tohru contacting Hotaru after the team breaks up, telling her the whole story about their previous third members and bowing to Hotaru while asking her to continue supporting Masamune.
  • Hotaru's ongoing guilt about hiding her gender from her teammates, which is plainly hard for someone who values honesty and justice as much as she does.
  • Masamune's inability to get over Midori is equal parts tearjerker and maddening frustration.
  • The lengthy Flashback to Masamune's childhood, from his mother leaving him with relatives to his mother leaving again, years later, with her young son.
  • Tohru's face during the match against 11Dogs, when he realizes that even after everything Masamune still wants to play on the same team as Midori. We already know that Tohru's somewhat insecure when it comes to his friendship with Masamune, and the fact that Masamune never notices (even after Tohru blurts it out) makes it worse.
    Tohru: Hey, Mattsun. ... Does Mattsun want to play survival games with Midori... ?
    Tohru: Then... What should the rest of us do?
  • Haruki locked in a room in the most recent manga chapters, yelling for someone to let him out and apparently about to miss Day 1 of the TGC just after he reconnected with Toy ☆ Gun Gun.
    • Smaller but related to the above, the decision of T ☆ GG to go into the match with their usual gear instead of their new suits, thinking that Haruki's not going to show, because wearing a suit into matches is Haruki's trademark.

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