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Tearjerker / Adventures from the Book of Virtues

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  • Annie's story of her old neighbor's death in "Faith".
  • The ending of "The Chest of Broken Glass" in "Responsibility." The three neglectful children open the chest, only to find shards of glass and a letter from their mother apologizing for the ruse and saying she was afraid they would abandon her completely. Emma tearfully admits that their mother was right — if not for their interest in the chest, they would have kept neglecting her until she died.
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  • In "Compassion", where the Zigradni's house burns down and the father is crying his eyes out. In fact, Zack pretends not to care and lies by claiming to have never met the man's son. The song, "Twice Blessed" surely sets the mood perfectly.
  • In "Self-Discipline", Zack snaps at his mother and says "Sometimes I wish you weren't my mom!" only to later regret it when he tells his friends about it.
  • Also in "Self-Discipline": the climax of "The Magic Thread," about a boy who pulls a magic thread to skip past all of life's unpleasant or dull times, only for his life to go by too fast (basically the same plot as Click, but without modern technology). He ultimately finds himself an old man at the graves of his mother and wife, and breaks down sobbing over all he's lost too soon. Fortunately, he gets a second chance.
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  • In "Loyalty", it turns out Mr. Cleveland was mad at Zack for breaking the plaque because he missed his war buddy, who was killed in WWII. In the flashback, he tearfully cries "No" when he sees his friend dead. Now try watching this after losing someone dear to you, who went to war.
  • Any story that has a Downer Ending, which the series didn't shy away from. Particularly the few stories that end with a child dying because of his mistakes, e.g. "Icarus and Daedalus" and "Phaethon."

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