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Super Combining Magical Robot Ginguiser (Chogattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser) is a Super Robot anime about four circus kids (Gorou, Torajirou, Santa and Michi) who each pilot 3 magic powered robots (and a jet). With the help of its powers, they fight to protect the Earth from the Sazorian Empire, a race of brightly colored animal-human hybrids who plan to Take Over the World.

At first a rather generic and run-of-the-mill robot anime of the 70's, it would have been completely forgotten if it wasn't for its recent fame among the mecha community (mainly 4chan's /m/), where, due to its confusingly flashy and low budget visuals, the series has mutated into an eldritch abomination.


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Ginguiser Transformation

This otherwise forgettable super robot series is infamous for its bizarre, overtly-long 3-minute long transformation. As /m/ says, "Mods are dead, post Ginguiser."

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