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Tear Jerker / A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

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  • The scene of Greta mourning Dan's death, however brief it is. Following Alice's first meeting with Jacob, it cuts to Greta in her bedroom, quietly crying over Dan's yearbook picture and the photo taken during graduation. This is actually unusual for a slasher movie, in that it isn't followed immediately by another death, nor is Greta the main character. Also, her grief is treated as genuine, and a fine example of how the Elm Street teenagers actually cared about each other.
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  • Her Backstory as revealed in Dream Warriors was sad enough, but finding out what happened to Amanda Krueger (and witnessing it) is heartbreaking. The fact that despite this her ghost/dream self was able to make a heroic last attempt to keep Freddy away from Alice and her baby by taking him back into her womb is both this and a Moment of Awesome.
  • Alice sobbing in her kitchen over Dan's death, not helped by her dad entering their living room and seeing her so distraught. The moment turns bittersweet when Dennis comforts Alice by assuring her he's not disappointed, and adds it'd be nice to have a boy in their house again (a Call-Back to Alice's brother Rick, who died in the last film and whose death was the catalyst for Dennis sobering up).
  • Later in the film, Dan's parents try to convince Alice to let them adopt her baby and raise it as their own. It's clear they're understandably still mourning Dan's death, and even when they reveal Alice's doctor told her how hysterically she was acting and threaten to bring her to court. They still remain pitiable since Mrs. Jordan clearly feels ashamed of herself for what she's trying to do.

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