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Awesome / A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • When, once again, Freddy is taunting Alice, she picks up a metal rod and impales him through his mouth.
    Alice: Why don't you just shut up?
    • Even better, that scene was included in the opening of Freddy vs. Jason, highlighting Alice as one of the people to beat the shit out of Freddy.
  • Alice taking the fight straight to Krueger in the dreamworld, goading him on and calling him a coward in order to draw him out. She then catches him by surprise and impales him on the demonic looking baby carriage that was seen earlier in the movie, and pushes him straight into the den of his rapist, maniac fathers. They promptly rip him to shreds. It doesn't kill Freddy completely, but that was definite quick thinking on her end.
    • Of special note, when Alice is calling Krueger a coward, it cuts to a shot of him looking very pissed off and outright growling like a feral animal as he chases after her. Alice is one of only a few characters who can push Freddy's Berserk Button and make him legitimately angry enough to stop treating the situation like a game.
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    • Also a Call-Back to Dream Warriors, when Kincaid called Freddy out by calling him a pussy and a coward.
  • The fact that Alice manages to survive two films, something that none of the other characters in the series (besides Freddy, of course) were able to do.
  • Alice's father Dennis stands up for her when Dan's parents come by and try to threaten Alice with a lawsuit in order to claim parental custody of Jacob, after Alice's doctor apparently called them to say Alice was acting hysterical and may not be fit to be a parent.
    Alice: You're not taking my baby!
    Mrs. Jordan: Well, the courts might not agree with you.
    Dennis Johnson: Well I do, and I've had enough of this crap! You think you can just come into my house and threaten my daughter?
  • At the dinner party, Greta makes it clear to her mother she's not in the mood to deal with her bullshit after one of the sleazy guests mentions he's "close friends" with someone in the modeling industry, and Racine feels Greta's not appreciative enough despite, you know, it being a day since Dan was killed.
    Racine: Greta, you're being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. I think you should show a little gratitude?
    Greta: One of my friends died yesterday, mother. Do you mind if I take a few minutes off to remember him?
    Racine (smiling but clearly uncomfortable): But we're at a party, dear.
    • This is then followed by Greta finally reaching her limit and yelling at Racine, although unfortunately this happens in her dream just before Freddy kills her.
      Racine: Aren't you eating?
      Greta: I really don't feel up to it.
      Racine: Really dear, you ought to try something.
      Greta: You're the one who's always slapping my hand about my weight, mother!
      Racine: But that's why we diet, dear. So that we can eat at social events and not upset the other guests.
      Greta: Tell you what, why don't I just eat the whole goddamn tray, go throw up, and come back for seconds ALRIGHT?!
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  • Freddy's demise and Villainous Breakdown in this film as he gets Hoist by His Own Petard, not expecting Jacob to use the power Freddy was giving him against him. As Jacob releases the power back on him, Dan's, Greta's, and Mark's souls burst out of Freddy's back and drag him towards his mother, who stoically walks down the pathway towards Freddy as he pitifully flails around trying to escape.
  • Yvonne spends most of the film refusing to believe that Freddy is real until he tries to kill her. After that point, Yvonne definitely picks up the slack in her effort to help Alice beat Freddy and is ultimately the one who really saves the day when she's able to find Amanda Krueger's body and let her spirit free in order to help Alice and Jacob.
  • Mark summoning a Dream Power, turning into a superhero, and going Guns Akimbo on Freddy might not have worked, but it's still a pretty impressive moment.
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  • It's a small moment, but after Yvonne tumbles off the high-dive, her body is initially at a bad angle to hit the water at, as she tumbles wildly. Then she manages to twist into a perfect swan dive before reaching the bottom (although it's rendered moot when Freddy transforms the pool into a portal).

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