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Heartwarming / A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

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  • It's sandwiched between horror and more horror, but the scene of a young Maggie and Freddy happily playing in the garden, Freddy teaching her how to tag him, is actually pretty adorable. For just a moment, they seem nothing but sincere in their love for one other.
  • Alice's father showing up at the graduation ceremony, saying he hid by the bleachers because he didn't want to embarrass Alice. Alice assures him he couldn't embarrass her. And much later on, he stands by Alice when Dan's parents come by and try to threaten Alice to get custody of Jacob, showing outrage at the nerve the two have. When Alice first found out she was pregnant, Dennis immediately starts doing what he can to help her be prepared.
    Alice: Are you disappointed in me?
    Dennis: No. I'm not.
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  • Greta mourning Dan and telling Alice that, she may not believe Freddy Krueger is real, but if there is anything out to get Alice it'll have to go through Greta, Yvonne, and Mark to do so. It goes to show how the Elm Street teenagers genuinely care about each other more than you would think to find in a slasher movie.
  • Alice's meetings with Jacob before discovering he's her son, showing concern for him and letting him know she does care about him. When Jacob says his mother doesn't care about him, Alice tells him she's sure his mom does because she cares about him. The moment Alice realizes who Jacob really is just gives her more incentive to stop Freddy.
  • Mark being totally supportive of Alice while doing research on Freddy and his mother. When he offers the idea of Alice terminating the pregnancy, Alice says no because she feels Jacob inside her and considers him a part of her and of Dan. Mark lets her know right away he agrees with her and says they'll definitely find another way.
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  • The ending scene of the picnic Alice is having with her father, Yvonne, and recently born Jacob Daniel Johnson.

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