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Shout Out / The Infyn Prism

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  • There are numerous amounts of Shout Outs to the T.V. show Survivor, including, but not limited to:
    • There are multiple references in Leo's Library, including "Surivor Winners" and "This That Don't Exist".
    • Sucksprop Village has a lot of Survivor Shout Outs, namely because it's based on a forum about Survivor.
  • All four playable characters from Forum Fantasy can be found somewhere in the game:
    • Prelich himself can be found in a house in Wyvan Spring.
    • Magnum has settled down with a family living in a tent on a peninsula in Willin.
    • Vlarix can be found guarding a pub in Embay
    • Tambot is in the Maregis Fortress, thinking about ways to get back at Prelich.
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  • Sucksprop Village is a Shout-Out to the Survivor Sucks forums, with every NPC representing a user.
  • In Maregis Fortress, you can find a succubus named Marie, who adores pink and gets mad at someone named Nicole because she wears make up everyday while Marie doesn't.
  • The whole Crescentia arc plays out quite similarly to the Golden Sun series. The player meets with an old man who knows many legends of the world, and then tells you to go light four towers. It also helps that the order in which he tells you to go do them, the music, and items you need to light the towers all show a resemblance.


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