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Tinkas Juleeventyr (Tinka's Christmas Adventure) is a Danish Julekalender that first aired in 2017 on Danish TV2.

During a Coming of Age ceremony for nissene, Tinka's amulet doesn't change color from green to red like that of the other nissene. Tinka can't figure out why, until her adoptive mother Nille reveals that Tinka is actually half human. Tinka doesn't take this well, considering that humans are distrusted by nisser due to the belief that humans stole the source of their magic a long time ago, the Christmas Star. When Tinka finds pieces of a broken magical mirror, which once allowed nisser to travel to the human world through magical portals, Tinka sets out to try to find the missing Christmas Star to prove to everyone that she's a true nisse at heart.


In the human world, Tinka befriends a young boy named Lasse, who recently moved to a new place with his family. He helps her gradually uncover the truth about what really happened to the Christmas Star, as well as helping her find out more about her origins. Meanwhile, the son of the nisse king, Prince Fileas, plots to take over the kingdom and get rid of Tinka.


  • And Now You Must Marry Me: Fileas develops an interest in Nille, and near the end tries forcing her to become his queen using the fact that he currently has Tinka as a hostage, having locked her, Lasse and Storm up in the Tower of Loneliness.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Vilma, Tuva and Bjergi pull one to get Tinka, Lasse and Storm out of the Tower of Loneliness after Fileas has his men lock them up there so he can take the crown.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Lasse is early on established to be good at diving. Naturally, this comes in useful when the Christmas Star turns out to be at the bottom of the large crater it made when it fell into the frozen lake outside the Tower of Loneliness.
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  • Fantastic Racism: Since nisser believe humans to be responsible for stealing the Christmas Star, resulting in the loss of nissenes magic, most of them have a negative opinion of humans, which causes a good number of the nisse population to turn against Tinka when Fileas reveals her half-human status.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: The first episode has Tinka discovering that she is half human, which basically sets off the plot.
  • I Am Who?: In addition to discovering she is half human in the first episode, Tinka later discovers she is also the daughter of Prince Storm, King Gobbe's eldest son.
  • Magic Mirror: Nisser used to have several small magic mirrors that could be used to travel through portals to the human world, but most of them were destroyed after nissene believed the humans to have stolen the Christmas Star. Tinka discovers the two shards of one such mirror hidden in the blanket she was found wrapped in as an infant, and uses them to travel through a portal her friend Vilma told her about. She later leaves one of the shards with Nille, so she can follow her should something happen.
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  • My God, What Have I Done?: The look on Prince Fileas' face right after he murders his father suggests this. This is notably one of the only times Fileas shows any sort of genuine regret for his actions.


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