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A Reality Show appearing on Animal Planet, as part of their change in focus on human beings out in the wilds, rather than observing the wilds. The show first aired in 2014 and follows two teams of professional Fugitive Recovery Agents, Rob and "Animal" of Montana, and Clint and Dayson from Colorado, as they chase after bond jumpers in the Rocky Mountain regions of the U.S.A.

Put more bluntly, this is Dog the Bounty Hunter but with more of a focus towards hunting fugitives hiding out in the back country and mountain ranges.


This show provides examples of:

  • Bounty Hunter: The guys prefer the term, and identify themselves as "fugitive recovery agents", which is the more professional term. Though if someone they're questioning for information gives them a blank stare or mistakes them for being the police, they'll spell it out for them and flat out say they're bounty hunters.
  • Cowboy: Clint and Dayson certainly give off a modern day version of this, what with their jackets and cowboy hats.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Rob and Animal's normal attire makes them look like members of a gang of bikers, carry sidearms with them, along with shotguns when they narrow in on a fugitive's location. But when asking others around if they've seen their wanted fugitive, they're polite, and are extremely professional about doing their job.
  • Don't Try This at Home: No seriously, don't, not unless you get proper defense training, and are cautious, and aware of your surroundings, and are extremely Genre Savvy, understanding the law extremely well. The fugitives on this show are bond jumpers. This means on top of the crimes they have been charged with already, and awaiting trial, they've now also stopped contacting the bail bond agency that got them out of jail until their trial, or missed a court appearance and are on the run. And these guys aren't exactly the "I was going through a rough patch in my life and made a mistake" type. There's a reason why the agents in this show are armed at all times.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Unlike Dog, the guys featured on this show don't feel obligated to be nice to their fugitives. There will be no stops at a fast food place, no long talks about needing to turn your life around. Sprain your ankle while attempting one last attempt to get away? Yea, they won't feel sorry for you, as they'll be the ones who have to deal with getting you back, often a few miles back to their truck, and no, they will not take you the hospital, the police will handle that matter after they turn you over.
    • Then again, the fugitives they chase after are often much more hardened, and have more violent records or serious crimes. Example, whereas the ones on Dog and his crew show often are shown chasing a bond jumper for possession of drugs, these guys are chasing the guy who ran the operations producing the stuff.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker: Both teams are this. No matter what a fugitive tries, they will pick up the trail again though some means. Flee your last known address? They'll just investigate your home for evidence of which way you're heading. Haven't been seen in a while? They'll just canvas the area and ask around, leaving cards until someone recalls seeing you, or give an anonymous tip. Flee for the woods? Yea, they can pick up your trail first by noticing animals acting differently, or signs of an animal fleeing in one direction, and heading the other, looking for signs of someone moving through the areas, kicking stones out of place, or broken branches.
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  • Scenery Porn: The camera crews can get some truly spectacular shots of the region, majestic mountains in the background, a forested windy road, a golden plain. Then you're reminded that the reason they're out there, is because a fugitive is hiding, and they're following a pair of Fugitive Recovery Agents out tracking them to bring them to the police.
  • Stealth Expert: Again, another thing the guys are competent in. Clint and Dayson especially, as they are incredibly skilled at setting up hidden game cameras to get an idea of a fugitive's schedule, that wirelessly transmit the photos to them, or planting a GPS tracer onto a friend or relative of the fugitive's car.
    • One episode had Clint and Dayson chasing after a biker with several assault charges on him known to always resist arrest. When they track him down the first time, they find him at a campfire, with about 20 buddies of his. Realizing that any attempt to capture him would not go well for them, instead, one of the guys sneaks over to the fugitive's motorcycle in the nearby shadows, where he attaches a small game camera to the bike's frame, setting it to transmit once every 15 minutes to a touch pad of theirs, waiting for a better time to go make the catch.
  • Too Dumb to Live: One fugitive, a meth dealer, hiding out at a hunting cabin that belonged to his family, comes out to investigate the knocking noise that Rob and Animal used to draw him out, while holding a pistol in his hand. The two guys who carry sidearms with them at all times, and had shotguns at the ready, and aimed at him. And yet he takes a minute to stupidly keep asking who they are, instead of following their order for him to drop his gun on the ground. When he finally complies, Rob and Animal discover the fugitive's pistol was unloaded, and pretty much cited this trope word for word, wondering just how stupid he was to come out with an empty gun, and pointing out just how dangerously close he was to being shot for real.
    • Another incident involves a fugitive, trying to Run for the Canadian border in Northern Montana, which if he does, means Rob and Animal can't chase after him due to laws which forbid bounty hunting there. The Fugitive also planned ahead of time, bought outdoor supplies and fishing equipment, as a river fishing season was in session, allowing him to blend in with other river fishers as he gathered food. And indeed, when the guys track him down to a cave he's camping out at to prepare for his final leg of his journey, as the border was about a day's hike away from the cave. The fugitive was not in the cave at the time, instead out collecting firewood. So why isn't he listed as being Genre Savvy? Because Rob and Animal picked up his trail not by at first finding his trail, but finding the paw prints of a female mountain lion that got spooked by the fugitive entering her territory, going the opposite direction the mountain lion fled to find the fugitive's tracks that led them to the aforementioned cave. A cave which they noted, had the same markings of it belonging to the very same mountain lion above, meaning there was a real chance the mountain lion could return latter to reclaim its territory and find the fugitive which was invading it. The kicker? When he returns, and they attempt to make the capture, he tries fleeing, and jumps down the edge of a cliff thinking it wouldn't be a long drop, instead landing on a lower ledge, injuring a leg from the fall, and realizing if he had jumped any further, it would've ended a lot worse for him. Rob and Animal take the time after they finally manage to get the injured fugitive back to their truck to point out that he could've very easily been killed by an angry mountain lion, or that jump.


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