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  • Transformers Animated:
    • Optimus Prime's backstory involving Elita-One.
    • Ratchet, considering what happened to him involving him, Arcee, and Lockdown.
      • He barely catches a break in any of his appearances.
    • Arcee has been one in her every appearance.
    • Skywarp, and his predecessor, #3370318. Poor guys; life is scary!
    • Bulkhead has his Woobie moments too.
    • Then there's Wreck-Gar. He was a newly-activated Transformer with no sense of identity. Then comes Rachet's jerkassness. After wiping nanobots of a boat they were on, the last thing he says to Rachet before he seemingly explodes were "Thank you!". Luckily for the viewers, he survives.
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    • Jerkass Woobie: One could give this to poor Wasp. A stark contrast to Waspinator of Beast Wars.
      • This is also part of the reason why Starscream is such a popular character. He's an ambitious, treacherous, manipulative jerk, yet nothing goes right for him.
      • Blackarachnia / Elita-One, of course.
  • A good deal of characters from Total Drama suffer this, with a few from each season. The most notable ones include:
    • Island: Tyler, who is constantly kicked around during his time on the show and is seen crying after his elimination due to his fear of chickens, and Cody, primarily in "Paintball Deer Hunter" where he is brutally mauled by a bear.
    • Action: Trent and Gwen, with their ill-fated relationship.
    • World Tour: DJ due to his animal curse making him hurt animals, much to his grief. Also Gwen due to receiving all the blame for the love triangle. Tyler (again) due to Lindsay failing to remember him.
    • Revenge of the Island: Dakota after her severe abuse as an intern at Chris' hands, Cameron who's is constantly picked on due to his Bubble Boy status is positioned to make us feel sorry.
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    • All-Stars: Gwen (again) for the same reason above. Cameron (again) due to getting stalked by Sierra, before having his mind messed with.
  • Pahkitew Island: Samey who has been abused all her life by her Big Sister Bully, Ella is constantly attacked by Sugar for no reason.
  • Iron Woobie: Owen, who borders on being The Pollyanna. Ella is also this because of dealing with the hatred of Sugar and Chris but staying cheerful.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Courtney, her boyfriend cheated on her with Gwen, whom she was starting to become friends with and then she falls for Alejandro, even helping him win the final challenge, only to discover that he loved Heather instead and had just been using her to get ahead. Then in All Stars, she was put through a Humiliation Conga, that quite a few fans thought went too far with her. Some fans even found that her punishment was uncalled for.
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    • Duncan, seeing how much abuse he took from Courtney. Sure, he cheated on her, but she still was not that nice to begin with.
    • Alejandro, who was revealed to have been bullied by his older brother and suffered multiple burn wounds in the World Tour finale.
    • Heather, after her Reformed, but Rejected stint in World Tour.
    • Blaineley who ended up in a full body cast by the end of World Tour.
    • Scott, whose comeuppance dipped right into Jerkass Woobie territory.
    • Chef in his more humane moments.
    • Despite most fans believing his actions in Pahkitew Island's finale weren't justified, Dave's fate of being mauled by Scuba Bear 3.0 was seen as too harsh. Also, even though Dave way overreacted to the fact Sky already had a boyfriend, his pain of learning the girl he liked was already taken is all too relatable.
  • Kitty Katswell on T.U.F.F. Puppy, due to the numerous Amusing Injuries she suffers.
  • Luxor from Tutenstein. It must really suck being a servant to a Jerk Ass pharaoh, but his most woobie-ish moment is in Something Sphinx where he thinks he's being replaced by a monkey servant and is so sad about it he walks away, not even bothering to pick up his ball of yarn.
  • The latter in the Wallace & Gromit relationship, receives a fair amount of ill-treatment in "A Matter of Loaf and Death", "The Wrong Trousers" and "A Close Shave".
  • Gromit, particularly in Wrong Trousers.
  • Fluffles is probably the most Woobie character in the franchise. Piella hit her and you could literally hear her yelping in pain! It is also vaguely implied that she has suffered this abuse for quite a while.
  • "Oh Gromit, I don't wanna be a giant rabbit!!"
  • Twitch, the scared, frightened pup in Muzzled!
  • "The Cooker" from A Grand Day Out, the Designated Villain that just wanted to get to Earth and ski in it's mountains. Even though he did get the ski run he always wanted that loose change likely isn't going to last very long.
  • Archie, the cute polar bear cub from "Project Zoo" who gets captured by Feathers and forced to become his personal slave.
  • Wallace at the end of A Close Shave. After everything that they had gone through up to that point to earn their happy ending, Wallace finds out that Wendolene is allergic to cheese and can't stand it at all.
Corneil from Watch My Chops fits this nicely. He tries to keep being a talking dog a secret between he and Bernie. Bernie often jeopardizes this and the poor guy is on the edge of a panic attack.
  • Watch My Chops Corneil. Poor guy is on the edge of a heart attack with his secret being jeopardized by Bernie and all.

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