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Roleplay / The Never Ending Dungeon

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The Never Ending Dungeon, sometimes abbreviated tNED is an entertaining play by post played on the Facepunch forums. Rath than being designed around a specific theme, a la basically any usual Pb P, the game is based around nonsensical commands and just being horrifically overpowered in general. Commands can vary wildly, from attempting to find a weapon, to summoning an energy being out of your laser rifle, to crafting a gargantuan Body Horror of a buddy to devour your enemies faces. Enemies are just as carried as commands, varying from the enderdragon to an army of gray spies, to vilified moderators.


Tropes Related to tNED

  • Arm Cannon: No matter what, where, or when, when a new dungeon forum is posted, Magmacow will have an arm cannon.
  • Body Horror: When folc introduced his first "Protean," Smas begged for mercy when the requested character parameters weren't met.
  • 0% Approval Rating: No names, but an earlier moderator tried to hijack the game. Needless to say, nobody listened, and he quit showing up.

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