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A freeware, text-based RPG made by Jesse "Joat" Hammond for the Von Entertainment website. Currently a work-in-progress.

Can be found here. Other games by Jesse Hammond can be found here.

This game provides examples of:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: The game switches perspectives a couple times before settling on Kenneth (most of the other characters join him along the way anyways).
  • Black and White Magic: There are a few variations, and there are a few wizards (and non-mages) that can learn healing magic, but there is quite a clear distinction between a "cleric" and a "wizard".
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  • Bonus Boss: Sylver. He's quite harder than the rest of the game, and your characters likely won't be able to do much damage to him while he will be able to do massive damage with his own attacks. Beating him unlocks a New Game+. Not totally fitting the trope, he doesn't have a bonus dungeon and for now, you get to him simply by beating the existing storyline.
  • Duel Boss: Two. The fight between Colain and the Goriana Emperor. In addition, Fang AKA Gar fights an Alpha Wolf on his own at an early point in the story, as a matter of pride. However, depending on a choice you make immediately before, the latter fight can be skipped (you'll fight something else instead).
  • Edutainment Game: One of the biggest oddities of this game is that you build up your characters' wait% (which, at 100%, allows them their turn) by typing. The option can be turned off, but if you're a fast typist the game may be easier for you to leave it on.
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  • Level Grinding: Averted. You cannot re-fight any battle, and there are only a couple times where you can make a choice that changes or skips a battle. Thus, for the most part, Character Levels and experience growth cannot be controlled or accelerated. This also makes Low Level Runs impossible.
  • New Game+: Beating the game (and the Bonus Boss) allows you to restart the game with all your levels intact. This also makes all the enemies stronger. The level scale is slightly unbalanced, though, and playing through the game a few times, you may get to the point where the enemies are extremely stronger than your characters are, in a game where Level Grinding is impossible.
  • Weasel Mascot: Kam may qualify, though in the personality aspect the connection is more tenuous.


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