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"So, recently all of you, through various means, have been offered a job by Gundren Rockseeker..."
The first part of the opening narration

A Lover's Quarrel is a D&D 5e game run by a group of five. It consists of Namlet, the GM, trying to solve the problems caused by his terrible, terrible four players: Mochi, Heywood, Green Diamond, and Clockwork. The game begun following the 'Lost Mines of Phandelver', but after a 0.75 Henderson was reached, the story branched off into a more original plot, while still following the basic story of the module.


The campaign can be watched here, including the RP session which is on the aforementioned twitch channel. The sessions roughly go for 3 hours. Two of the episodes (four & five) were saved under the name 'A Tragic Divorce' due to the intended nature of those episodes being the darkest.

A Lover's Quarrel contains examples of:

  • Death Is Cheap: If you roll a Nat 1 on your death save, at least. The best example of this would be Zaagark, who died for 2 episodes, and then came back, like the other two, in cahoots with the table.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: An omnipotent, immortal, all-powerful god. What form do they take? A table.
  • Hope Spot: At the start of the orc fight in Episode 3, the players were convinced they had it handled. They didn't.
  • I Think You Broke Him: At the end of episode 5, Zaagark gets completely and utterly stuck in a blanket. The GM stopped the session there because he needed a break.
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  • I Thought You Were Dead: This occurs in Episode 6 with the return of Zak, but not everybody reacts in the classic 'laughing-into-the-sunset' manner. Dickson's the only person who has no problem with this.


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