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References to the Disney adaption:

    Animated Films 
  • Beauty and the Beast: The dance between Belle and Prince Adam in the finale is reused animation of the dance between Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. This was done because the animators were running out of time during the production of the movie.
  • Cars: Mater refers to Lightning as "Sleeping Beauty".
  • The Lion King 1½: At the end of the film, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are among the many Disney characters who enter the theater to see the film after Timon's mother rewinds it.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Aurora shows up alongside the other Disney Princesses during the Oh My Disney section. In addition, a poster for Sleeping Beauty can be seen on the Disney Animation booth.
  • Shrek:
    • In the original movie, the fairies among the fairy tale creatures resemble Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

    Comic Strips 
  • Off the Mark: In this strip, Princess Aurora appears alongside other cartoon characters at the Betty Rubble Center For Recovering Toons.

    Live Action TV 
  • Saturday Night Live: A TV Funhouse sketch spoofing the "Disney Vault" features a scene from a fake Direct-to-Video sequel, Sleeping Beauty III: Li'l Sleepy Meets Aladdin.

    Video Games 

    Web Video 
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • In his "Top 11 Disney Villains" video, Maleficent is placed in the #2 spot.
    • In his review of The Swan Princess, the Critic accuses the scene of Odette and Derek dancing together which transitions from a castle to the clouds of ripping off the ending scene to Sleeping Beauty.

    Western Animation 
  • MAD: The sketch "F-I-E-N-D-S" features Maleficent.
  • Muppet Babies (1984): The episode "Slipping Beauty" spoofs the film.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A sketch from "Super Guitario Center" has Prince Phillip awaken Princess Aurora, only for her to tell her the weird dream she had when she was asleep, going into every detail. Upon hearing this, Prince Phillip screams into a pillow.
    • The final sketch from "Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone" has the Disney Princesses having engaged in a civil war, with Aurora being on the "traditional" side. Aurora tries to get out of the fight by saying she's sleepy, but Snow White tells her not to pull that trick. Just as Aurora tells Snow White she's just kidding, she is then killed by Tiana's arrow.
  • Steven Universe: Sapphire and Ruby do the same dance in the forest as Aurora and Phillip do during "Once Upon a Dream".
  • Timon & Pumbaa: Dragon Maleficent makes a cameo in the episode "Guatemala Malarkey".

References to the original tale(s)

Animated Films

Comic Strips

Web Comics

  • Hark! A Vagrant: Sleeping Beauty is concerned that she missed her meetup with someone named Dave upon waking, and is entirely uninterested in the prince who woke her.

Western Animation

  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: In "Sonically Ever After", one of the stories in the book of fairy tales that Miss Saccharine reads to the children is called "Snoring Beauty". Later in the episode, when Cinderella decides to take a nap, Sonic complains about her thinking she's Sleeping Beauty.
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  • Muppet Babies (1984): In "Once Upon an Egg Timer", Rowlf loses his voice, and the babies take turns telling a story with an egg timer until it comes back. Piggy's part of the story is a spoof of Sleeping Beauty, which involves her getting a kiss from Kermit, or at least it would have if the timer didn't go off just before that part.
  • An episode of Thomas the Tank Engine is entitled "Sleeping Beauty". At one point in the episode, when one of the rescuers finds Duke sleeping in his shed, he says, "We found him! We found our sleeping beauty!"

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