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Heartwarming / Sleeping Beauty

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A curse lifted, a family reunited, a country restored.
  • Fauna's so kind-hearted that she even feels empathy toward Maleficent, noting that she must not be very happy. She's also the one most looking forward to taking care of baby Aurora.
    Fauna: Maleficent doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping others. (thoughtful) You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy.
  • The Fairies truly take it upon themselves to raise Aurora, becoming no less than her foster mothers. The scene where they reminisce about raising Aurora and tearfully realize that she'll never be with them again is genuinely pretty heartbreaking.
    • No-longer-accessible games at the Disney Princess website showed that Aurora still considered the fairies family after leaving them, referring to them as her "aunts" like in the movie.
  • Aurora and Phillip's first meeting (as adults) is very adorable.
    • And while it's mostly played for laughs, the fact that the owl and those other animals stole the prince's cloak, hat, and boots all in order to make Aurora happy is rather adorable, as is her playing along with the fantasy.
      Aurora: Why, it's my dream prince!
  • After Flora and Fauna deliver faint praise to each other's failures at sewing Aurora a new dress and baking her a cake, Merryweather tells them to think how miserable "Rose" would feel having such an ugly dress and inedible cake on her 16th birthday, then storms off to get the wands so that she and the other fairies can treat Aurora/Rose more lavishly.
  • Even though Hubert is disappointed by Phillip's falling in love with "a peasant girl," he still accepts his son's choice and tries to relay the info to Stefan, only of course to find out that the girl was Aurora. Much to his initial confusion.
    • Aurora greeting Hubert with a kiss on the cheek and his bashful reaction.
  • Merryweather's the first of the fairies to support Aurora's desire to marry whomever she wishes, and she manages to persuade at least Fauna to tell King Stephan about what his daughter wants.
  • The kiss, of course, followed by the Good Fairies' joyful tears. What makes it better is Aurora's smile as soon as she wakes up. She went to sleep thinking she'd never see Phillip again, and he's the first person she sees when she wakes.
  • Aurora's reunion with her parents after 16 years apart.
  • Flora and Merryweather get into another color war when Flora finally realizes that Aurora's dress is blue as she dances with Phillip. While certainly funny, the heartwarming part of this scene is that Fauna is the one to not get hung up on the details and is just enjoying the fact that Aurora is happy.
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  • Aurora talking to her animal friends about the prince she met (in her dream). She even answers the owl's who-ing. Also, the adorable way the little birds chirp when they wanted to know who Aurora met.
    Aurora: I have met someone.
    Owl: Who?

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