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Works referencing Higher Learning:

  • A Crown of Stars: After waking up and getting kissed by him, Asuka calls Shinji "The Casanova" several times.
  • Advice and Trust: Asuka complains her female classmates think her secret boyfriend is "Shinji the Casanova" when he is hers.
  • "NekoWaffers": In chapter 3 of this fic (found here, too) Misato finds Shinji and Asuka laying in the living room floor naked and cuddling. Her reaction is the next one:
    She walked into the kitchen again, past Pen-Pen (who was impressed at how well she was taking it, I might add) and started the day the best way she could. With a beer and a prayer to the angels of birth control.
    ... Wait a second... That's a direct line copy from chapter forty-one of Strike Fiss' Higher Learning...
    ... Won't we get hit for plagiarism?
    ...A homage to the story you say?
    Your ass, not mine.
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  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: At one point Touji and Kensuke kneel before Shinji and call him "Lord Iron Balls". Shinji did a Face Palm and wondered who was Strike-Fiss and why he felt he need to apologize to him.


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