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Recap / Yu Gi Oh GXS 2 E 102 The Hands Of Justice 1

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  • The Battle Didn't Count: With Chazz basking in glory over saving the entire student body from Sartorius' control, Alexis is quick to point out that it was Jaden who did most of the work. He reminded her that their duel doesn't count because he was mind controlled at the time. With her memory of being brainwashed blurry, she reluctantly agreed to let him take all of the credit, much to his relief.
  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: Chazz has to remind Alexis that their duel with Jaden when they were Brainwashed and Crazy is not counted.
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  • I Have Many Names: When Blair asks who he is, Chazz has Obelisk Blue say it. He gets them to stop before they overdo it.