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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 91 Chain Game
aka: Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 91 A Fateful Encounter

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Yuya is dueling Barrett to protect Reira and Selena. The effects of Barrett's Trap cards paralyzes Yuya's monsters, preventing them from attacking, or Yuya himself from summoning or using Spells or Traps. Barrett takes his turn and Fusion Summons "Beastborg Wolf Kämpfer." Barrett uses the effect of "Beastborg Panther Predator" to deal 800 damage to Yuya, also sapping his monsters of 800 ATK points. Barrett demands he tell him where Yuzu is, but Yuya refuses. As they duel, Obelisk Force advances on Selena as Reira struggles to find his resolve again.


Sora arrives and dispatches Obelisk Force, saving the two. Selena recognizes him and presumes he's an agent of Academia, but Sora explains the situation to her, claiming he's her ally. Suddenly, Yuri arrives accompanied by another detachment of Obelisk Force. Instead of just apprehending Selena, he challenges her to a duel for fun. Yugo arrives and challenges Yuri, but Yuri ignores him, as his target is Selena. Surprised to see Selena here, Yugo mentions he defeated her; hearing this, Yuri decides to accept Yugo's challenge since Selena herself is unfit to duel. At Yuri's arrival, Barett continues his duel with Yuya. Wolf Kämpfer attacks "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon," but it is not destroyed by battle due to the effect of Barrett's Traps. The effect of Barret's Traps sap Yuya's monsters of more strength, and Yuya is down to 1600 Life Points.


Yugo and Yuri begin their duel. Yugo takes the first move and swiftly summons "Clear-Wing Synchro Dragon." At the summoning, Yuya's eyes begin to glow, and the three dragons in play between the two duels begin to grow agitated. Impressed, Yugo takes his turn and activates "Polymerization" to Fusion Summon "Starve Venom Fusion Dragon." With the four dragons in play, the eyes of Yuya, Yuri, and Yugo glow, and Yuto responds within Yuya. Yuya lets out a scream and enters his Berserk Mode.

Meanwhile, around the city, the various escapees from the underground facility emerge above ground and make plans to deal with Security and Academia. On her own, Yuzu sees her bracelet glow and begins to look for Yuya.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Body Horror: Starve Venom Fusion Dragon. It has mouths and eyes all over its body. It looks less like a Yu-Gi-Oh monster and more like an Eldritch Abomination
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Yuya suffers this from Barrett. Because of Barrett's traps Yuya can't do anything as Barrett slowly lowers Yuya's life points to find out Yuzu's location.
  • Combat by Champion: Why Yuri and Yugo start dueling. Yuri originally wanted to duel Serena but saw that she couldn't so he decided to duel Sora and if he won, he would take both of them back to the Academia. Yugo appeared and stated he beat her, so Yuri switched to Yugo.
  • Continuity Nod: When Serena first sees Sora, she thinks he's the enemy as she saw him defeat Kurosaki.
  • Declaration of Protection: Yuya swears that he'll protect everyone and refuses to let Yuzu and Serena be taken by the Academia.
  • From Bad to Worse: Yuri appearing? Bad. Yugo and Yuri summoning their respective dragons, causing all four of the Yu's to go Berserk again? Worse. And judging from the preview of the next episode, it's going to get much worse.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: After Yuri summons Starve Venom Fusion Dragon, he and his three counterparts all manifest these.
  • Man-Eating Plant: Yuri's deck is finally revealed as this, though two of his monsters basically just get used as fusion materials. Starve Venom itself also fits, incorporating Venus Flytrap mouths into its body.
  • Oh, Crap!: After Yuri summons Starve Venom, everyone in the immediate vicinity looks absolutely terrified of it, and possibly also because of all four Yus going into Berserk mode.
  • Wham Episode: Yuya finally meets Yuri, and Yuri finally meets Serena, with Yugo finding them both. Then we finally see Starve Venom in full view, the four dragons finally being Summoned in the same place - and it's causing Yuya to go more berserk than ever.

Alternative Title(s): Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 91 A Fateful Encounter


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