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Recap / Veronica Mars S 01 E 21 A Trip To The Dentist

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The episode starts in Cuba, where Duncan reclines in peace, reading a newspaper. Of course, when he puts it down, Keith is there to bring him home. Duncan asks Mr. Mars if he thinks Duncan killed Lilly. Keith says he doesn't know who killed Lilly, only that it wasn't Abel Koontz.

At school, Dick is waxing lyrical to Logan about his brand-new surfboard. Logan then sees Veronica, and tries to run after her - she walks away from him, and Weevil intercedes, telling Logan he's "just looking out for Veronica, so, if you think you're going to lay a hand on her the way you did Lilly..." Logan then tells Weevil Lilly never had any real interest in him, comparing him to junk food Lilly used for a quick fix. The pissing content goes on a while.


At Veronica's house, Logan shows up and asks her what it is he's done. Steeling herself, she accuses him of distributing the GHB at Shelly Pomroy's party, where she was drugged and raped. Her violation is news to Logan. He tells her that he got it in Tijuana with Luke and Sean, but they were just going to have some fun. She promises him "I'm going to find out who did this to me, and I'm going to make them pay... even if it was you."

At school, Veronica asks Meg about that party - she says she saw Veronica just as she was leaving, and some guys were doing body shots off her. She wanted to help, but some unknown person swooped to Veronica's rescue.

The Kanes collect Duncan, and Keith tells them they can "finish up" later, in reference to the reward. Celeste tells him to ask Veronica about that, as she and Celeste had a deal - Keith just fulfilled Veronica's end of the bargain.


At school, Veronica asks Luke about the GHB he got. He tells her he gave it to Dick Casablancas, who wanted it in response to girlfriend Madison's coldness. Luke also tells her he later saw Madison writing "slut" on Veronica's windshield.

Veronica confronts Madison about this, who tells her that at that party, she came out of nowhere and made out with Dick. And everyone else (in particular, Casey Gant), but that's the one Madison's pissed about. Veronica tells Madison about the drugging, who looks shocked and guilty for a nanosecond, then shrugs it off and disbelieves Veronica.

At home, Alicia is yelling at Keith about Veronica's "bug in a plant" trick. Veronica enters and tries to explain, but Keith sends her to her room. Alicia leaves, and Keith asks Veronica about her and Celeste Kane's mysterious "deal." She explains that she said she'd help look for Duncan if Celeste dropped the charges against Weevil. Keith suggests Veronica get a normal job, not a PI one, as he just wants her to be normal, but Veronica tearfully promises that if it weren't for him, she'd be a nervous wreck somewhere.


Back at school, Veronica asks Casey about that party. He says he remembers Dick being the instigator of that, and Casey himself had denied her, because of her out-of-it-ness. He also tells her about the guys, including Dick and Sean, feeding her shots to get her to make out with Shelley Pomroy.

At school, Wallace and Veronica talk. She apologizes for the bugged-plant thing, but he shrugs it off - he does ask why Logan Echolls used one of the absence slips he got for her, though. She lies to him and says it was just loose ends on Lynn's case.

Veronica confronts Sean, who tells her that he wasn't the one who was feeding her shots, it was Dick. He then tells her what Dick did: he carried her into the guest bedroom, and told little brother Beaver to have sex with her, despite her being unconscious. Beaver was squicked as fuck, but eventually had told them just to go, he "had it."

Veronica confronts Dick - by threatening to destroy his beloved surfboard from before. She asks if he was the one who drugged her, and brings up him bringing her into the guest bedroom for Beaver. The way he tells it, however, he found her in the guest bedroom, with Beaver - clearly drunk but conscious, and heavily hitting on the youngest Casablancas. Dick says "Don't go blaming me because you got all wasted and slutty," and she takes this comment as motive to run over his surfboard.

Veronica asks Beaver about the party - he says he never touched her. He also off-handedly gives Logan an alibi (he left with some easy freshman called Cindy). He tells her a version of events much like Sean's, and after Dick and Sean left, Beaver was sickened and ran outside to throw up on Carrie Bishop's shoes. She sarcastically thanks him for just leaving her there.

At home, Veronica does a ritual cleaning thing. Keith gets the message that the entertainment lawyer he's been tracking for a year has returned to Vegas, and Veronica confirms she's fine to stay at the apartment alone.

At the Echolls household, Aaron and Logan get into another fight, prompted by Aaron forgetting Logan's shellfish allergy. Logan also confirms Aaron doesn't know his birthday, and Aaron asks if it counts for anything at all that he's trying. Logan tells him, not in so many words, that it doesn't, since he's skipping town the instant he's 18.

At the coffee shop, Veronica asks Carrie Bishop for some answers. She means to confirm what Beaver said, but gets distracted when Carrie tells her what she saw - she saw Veronica in bed with Duncan.

At the Kane household, Veronica confronts Duncan, and accuses him of raping her - he says that they were just both wasted, and missed each other, and had sex. He assumed she remembered. Veronica then asks him why he left her there, and he tells her he had to leave when he woke up and realised he had sex with his sister. Even after his mother told him, and he broke up with her, and tried to cut her out of his life entirely, he just couldn't stop loving her. Both of them are in a misery of tears by this point, and when Celeste herself arrives, Veronica departs.

Cut to her parked outside Wallace's house. He runs out to her car, and she starts to cry.

Later, they're in his room and she's told him what happened. She gives him the laptop with her files into the Lilly Kane investigation. On her way out, she runs into Alicia, to whom she apologizes. She tells Alicia about how happy she makes Keith, and Alicia tells her she didn't make Keith too happy before he left. Veronica says Keith's not going anywhere.

Cut to Keith phoning a hooker in Vegas.

Back at the Mars apartment, Veronica apologizes to Logan for accusing him, but he shrugs it off - all he cares about is her. She tells him what happened - she was drugged, but not raped. She just had sex with Duncan.

Back in Vegas, Keith interacts with the hooker - turning the tables on her when he asks about Abel Koontz. The prostitute was with Abel at the time he supposedly murdered Lilly Kane, and although she is reluctant, Keith convinces her to go forward.

At the Echolls house, Logan and Veronica are going to dinner, but the house is dark and Logan theorizes Aaron will make them eat by candlelight. Logan and Veronica start making out as they open the door, to hear Aaron announce "Surprise!" and see all the 09er kids gawping at them - including Duncan.

Post-ad break, Logan asks if the party is "3 months early or 9 months late," and Aaron replies he's got a lot of lost years to make up for - this is how he's getting started. Dick asks Logan what the hell he's doing with Veronica, so Logan kicks him out - then extends that to the rest of them, saying if they have a problem with Veronica, they should leave. However, only one person takes this cue to exit - Duncan. Logan tries to talk to him, but Duncan remains stone-faced.

Madison, uncharacteristically nice, makes small talk with Veronica and offers her a drink. Veronica is confused, but takes the drink, then Meg tells her she shouldn't drink it, Madison probably gave her a trip to the dentist - spitting in the drink. It falls into place for Veronica - Dick drugged Madison's drink, but Madison spat in it and gave it to Veronica. Veronica tells Madison "You have no idea what you did to me," but Madison fails a critical spot check and brushes it off.

Outside, the angry Duncan finds his car is locked. This is the straw needed to send him into an epileptic rage fit, and he 'begins attacking the SUV with a shovel. Meg sees him and screams that it's about Veronica: "You're still in love with her, right?"

At the party, Logan takes Veronica to the Echolls' poolroom, where they make out. He confesses a couple of things to her: he was the one organizing the salt-lick. He used his GHB to drug Duncan, who he just wanted to loosen up and have some fun. Thus, Logan feels responsible for what happened. But Veronica dismisses it, and they keep making out. He then gets up to try and open the liquor cabinet, using a key he had hidden in an air conditioning vent (Veronica: "You learned that from Lilly!" Logan: "No, Lilly learned that from me."), but he breaks his key. He walks off, assumedly to find another key, and Veronica lays back on the bed. Then she notices something - cameras on the ceiling, leading to video-taping equipment in the wall. She calls Weevil to take her home.

At home, she sees Lianne sitting there.


  • Brother–Sister Incest - Duncan fears he committed this.
  • The Bus Came Back: A number of previous one-shot mystery-of-the-week characters pop up again as witnesses from the night of Shelley Pomeroy's party - Luke, Cole, Casey, Carrie and Sean.
  • Easily Forgiven - Both Logan and Veronica let each other go really easy, for all the rape accusations and accidentally causing life-long trauma.
  • Everybody Did It - One fan summarized this episode by saying, "the entire 09er culture raped Veronica."
  • Friendship Moment - Wallace is frosty with Veronica at the start of the episode, annoyed that she's given one of the "Get out of class free" passes he stole for her to Logan and is blatantly lying to him about it. But when Veronica figures out that she had sex with Duncan (and gets further confirmation that they may be siblings) she goes straight to his house and opens up to him about everything, including her investigation into Lilly's death. For Veronica, who's emotionally closed-off and deeply secretive, this is by far the most meaningful way she can show him how much she loves and trusts him.
  • Gilligan Cut - Keith and the hooker, aforementioned.
  • Harsher in Hindsight - The seemingly bittersweet resolution to this plot arc becomes much worse when it's revealed at the end of season 2 that Veronica actually was raped, by Beaver, who she wrote off as a suspect halfway through this episode. If she had figured out what had happened, she'd have saved the dozen people he murdered over the course of season 2.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight - More of the "bitterly ironic" kind, but still: "Suit up, you don't know where she's been." Kind of not how it worked.
  • The Rashomon
  • Rousseau Was Right - in a really weird way. When Veronica digs down into the entire chain of events, it turns out that nobody really meant her harm, she was treated well despite her inebriated state, and people are largely willing to help her sort out what happened. Basically the only exceptions are Dick Casblancas and Madison Sinclair. subverted with the revelation in Not Pictured that Beaver raped Veronica during the party, but got away with it.
  • Wham Episode
  • What Could Have Been - Weevil's "if you think your going to lay a hand on her" comment was a leftover of the plotline where Duncan would have beaten Lilly in an epileptic fit, and Weevil would assume those bruises came from Logan.

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