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Recap / Triptych Continuum

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The Continuum can be something of a puzzle box, with clues scattered across the stories. As such, it occasionally becomes important to take note of just what happened, along with where.

Instead of the order of their writing, the stories below are presented in rough chronological order of the local timeline, which considers each season to take place over roughly one year, covering the first three seasons of the show itself.


Warning: unmarked spoilers ahead

  1. "Lazy River" note 
  2. "Tricks Of The Trade Show" note 
  3. "Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity" note 
  4. "A Series of Egotistical Events" note 
  5. "The Night Before Nightmare" note 
  6. "Twilight Spackle" note 
  7. "Unnoticed" note 
  8. "Permanent Record" note 
  9. "Customer Disservice" note 
  10. "The Elements Of Elements" note 
  11. "Blessing"
  12. "Twilight's Escort Service"
  13. "100% Move = 50% Fire"
  14. "A Total Eclipse Of The Fun"
  15. "Princesses Can't Cook"
  16. ''Bitter/Sweet''
  17. "A Mark Of Appeal"
  18. "On The Application Of Time And Motion Efficiency Study To Initial Relationship Formation"
  19. "Pony Up A Tree"note 
  20. "If Rainbow Dash Can't Sleep..."
  21. "Luna's Lottery Lunacy"
  22. "Season's Bleatings"
  23. "Barnyard Barge-Ins" note 
  24. "Cart-ography" note 
  25. "Department of Madness Vindication" note 
  26. "Cutie Mark Crusaders Alpha Pack Leader"
  27. "Stupid Direction-Face"
  28. "Goosed!"
  29. "Drunk Little Ponies" note 
  30. "Sick Little Ponies (And One Dragon) note 
  31. "Post Negative Comments Only"
  32. "The Bounce Test" note 
  33. "Sonic Rainbigot" note 
  34. "Five Hundred Little Murders"
  35. "The Hypocrisy Of Tolerance"
  36. "Suited For Terror"
  37. "Naked Lunch"
  38. "Trav(ap)est(r)y"
  39. "One Tenth-Bit"
  40. "Mechanical Aptitude"
  41. "A Good Trot, Spoiled"
  42. "Rainbow Splash"
  43. "Scootalift"
  44. "A Confederacy Of Dunce Caps" note 
  45. "Multi-Factor Authentication."
  46. "Twilight Sparkle Vs. The Equestrian Cutie Mark Constellation Registry"
  47. "The Remainders Of The Day" note 
  48. "Mah-Teor" note 
  49. "If I Gave You Diamonds And Pearls"
  50. "0G Network Coverage"
  51. "Good For Nearly All Princess Labor, Public And Private"
  52. "Mint Condition" note 
  53. "Horsefeathers!" note 
  54. "No Sale"
  55. "360 Degrees of Saturation" note 
  56. "Orange Is The New Blue" note 
  57. "One Remove" note 
  58. "Dear Friend,"
  59. "Pinkie Pie Vs. The Soufflé" note 
  60. "Triptych"
  61. "Snowflake Shoe-Hare" note 
  62. "Unstable Sale" note 
  63. ''A Duet For Land And Sky'' note 

Timeline Position Uncertain:

  1. "Auk-ward" note 
  2. "Two Plus Two Equals Five" note 
  3. "Sandalous" note 
  4. "Haunted Hayride" note 
  5. "A Bird in the Dryer" note 
  6. "Half!" note 

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