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Recap / Thomas The Tank Engine S 3 E 15 Toby's Tightrope

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Air date: May 5th, 1992 (UK), December 25th, 1991 (US)


Mavis has been confined to the quarry and complains to Percy, who is quite unsympathetic. When a thaw increases production at the quarry, Mavis uses the chance to be allowed to go further down Toby's tramway up to a level crossing, but gets too big for her buffers and asks the trucks to push her past the crossing and down the line.

However, when she is away, Toby comes and when he arrives at the crossing, they push him down the line onto a bridge swept away by a landslide, leaving only rails behind. Mavis goes to the rescue and confesses it was her fault, but the Fat Controller and the manager are pleased and allow her to travel on the branch line.


Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Alliterative Title
  • Big Damn Heroes: Mavis pulling Toby from the decayed bridge.
  • Easily Forgiven: The Fat Controller didn't punish Mavis for the trouble she caused with the trucks and Toby since they were pleased with her rescuing Toby. Of course, she admits that it was her fault. Toby himself is also pretty easy going.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Mavis had one when she asked the trucks to push her down the line she isn't supposed to go, only for them to push Toby instead.
  • No Sympathy: Percy didn't seem quite phased of Mavis' complaints about how she isn't allowed to go through the line and how Toby has been criticizing her in handling the trucks.


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