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This is an episode list for The Office (UK) (2001-2003), starring Ricky Gervais as David Brent, manager of the Wernham Hogg paper company that's been made the subject of a Mockumentary.

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    Season One 
  1. "Downsize": At Wernham Hogg, David hires a new temp. Tim hides Gareth's stapler in jelly, and Dawn gets busted for stealing supplies.
  2. "Work Experience": The discovery of an email bearing David's naked image — albeit doctored — distracts everyone from doing actual work.
  3. "The Quiz": After receiving a gift from Dawn, Tim attends Quiz Night, where he matches wits with David and his friend Chris Finch.
  4. "Training": To boost morale, David's musical meeting brings everyone together. Everyone but Dawn and Lee, who have a horrible fight.
  5. "New Girl": David hires a pretty blonde secretary. Meanwhile, at an after-hours outing, Gareth gets lucky with a married woman.
  6. "Judgement": Gareth's job title is at risk when David agrees to sacrifice the Slough branch in exchange for a promotion.

    Season Two 
  1. "Merger": The new arrivals from the Swindon branch include a rival for David, a "token black guy" and a woman in a wheelchair.
  2. "Appraisals": David suspects the Swindon employees don't like him. But it appears that his rival Neil has won over everyone.
  3. "Party": Sex toys invade Trudy's birthday party. David feels desperate when he sees that even Finchy is friends with Neil.
  4. "Motivation": Hired to talk about public speaking, David pulls out all the stops. Gareth seems to have found a kindred spirit.
  5. "Charity": At the Comic Relief Day charity event, David isn't laughing when told that his position has become redundant.
  6. "Interview": Tim vows to tell Dawn exactly how he feels. David resorts to groveling to keep his job.

  1. "Christmas Special: Part 1": David Brent is now a sales rep for a cleaning company and makes celebrity appearances. Gareth is now in charge of running things at the office.
  2. "Christmas Special: Part 2": David finds a date for the office Christmas party. The team dances and drinks the night away while Tim wonders if he'll ever see Dawn again.


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