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Tear Jerker / The Office (UK)

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  • Gareth breaking down in tears at the thought of losing his job. Even Brent feels bad for him.
  • Most of the end of Episode 6, Series 2. Two moments specifically:
    • David: "Please don't make me redundant." (For Americans, essentially, please don't fire me). Ricky Gervais said he hoped they only had to film that scene once because it was so tough on him.
    • Tim finally asks Dawn out, but we can't hear what happens in that moment, other than Dawn hugging Tim; we can't even read their faces. He goes back to his desk, puts his microphone on, and tells us: "She said no, by the way."
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  • Arguably one of the saddest scenes is when David is drunk in his hotel room and argues to the camera that, "Neil, will make one too many mistakes". It shows he hasn't learnt anything since being sacked, whilst Neil will just go up and up in the corporate ladder.
  • The way it ends, surprisingly. David Brent makes a complete turnaround. Watching him beg for his job is just depressing.
  • In the second Christmas special where Dawn, after saying goodbye to Tim for possibly the last time, opens his present and reads the note. Followed almost immediately by a Heartwarming Moment.


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