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Recap / The Adventures Of Puss In Boots S 02 E 07 Scimitar

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While Artephius has yet to finish translating the scroll for the spell to restore the barrier protecting San Lorenzo, he at least reveals that the most important thing to casting the spell is that every single piece of missing treasure must be returned to the vault first. They can be tracked with the Mystic Silver Dowsing Rod of Akhenaten... one of the treasures of San Lorenzo that is missing, but the Scimitar knows where it is.



  • BFS: Dulcinea wields the Scimitar, which just like the Goodsword, is made for an adult human and thus is a BFS relative to a cat.
  • Call-Back: The Scimitar is still locked away inside the San Lorenzo treasure vault.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: The fuzz balls own the rod because they like shiny bright things. Puss then trades them the Scimitar which Scimitar finds horrifying because he can't stand the cuteness of them and that without hands he can't possess any of them.
  • Dowsing Device: The Silver Dowsing Rod of Akhenaten.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: By Puss' estimation, at least 100 treasures are missing from the San Lorenzo treasure vault, and every last one needs to be found.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Puss hopes Dulcinea will be this and gives the Scimitar to her. She manages to put up a good fight, but slowly becomes evil bit by bit the longer she wields the sword.
  • Villains Never Lie:
    • Scimitar blatantly tells Puss he is trying to corrupt Dulcinea so she will kill him. Hilarious enough Puss never seems to hear this and think that Scimitar is trying to play innocent. Scimitar gets exhausted on how dense he is.
    • In addition, despite being completely open about the whole trip being a ploy to corrupt someone, Scimitar does actually know where the Silver Dowsing Rod is and does actually lead them to it.

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