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Recap / Rune Scape Kindred Spirits

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You can probably tell by the recent spate of mysterious disappearances that dark and twisted schemes are afoot in Gielinor (when are they not?). Find out what's going on as you puzzle your way through a twisted tale with an edge of dark humour.

Discover more about the history and lore of the Barrows Brothers as events take an even more sinister turn. Are things ramping up for Sliske's Endgame? Who is behind the disappearances and where is this all leading? Seeking the truth will strain your moral fibre - are you ready to play a little game?


This quest contains the following tropes:

  • I Lied: Sliske promises you the Staff of Armadyl as a reward if you endure his sadistic games to the very end. Of course, Sliske being Sliske, he instead siphons a portion of your soul as he supposedly awards the staff to you.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Whaddaya know, Sliske isn't working for himself after all.
  • The Mole: Linza. Turns out she stole the secrets to crafting Dragon gear from the Dragonkin, who weren't real happy about it. She ran to Sliske for protection, and part of the bargain she made was betraying you.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Sliske gives the Player a brutal beatdown with bare hands after finding out you saw a glimpse of his real plans.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Sliske manages to take a piece of the player's soul and gives them a beating for good measure, but the player sees that Sliske has a bigger plan in motion, and the Barrows Brothers have gained a small amount of freedom and agree to stand by the player when the time comes.
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  • Rage Breaking Point: Sliske absolutely loses it when he realizes that the Player has figured out his plans.
  • Sadistic Choice: When you're guiding Ahrim through a maze, you several times have to make a choice as to who would get hurt- Ahrim, or Sliske's hostages Linza, Mary Rancour, and Meg.
  • Your Soul is Mine!: Sliske attempts to siphon a portion of the World Guardian's soul, and partially succeeds.


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