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Recap / My Little Pony Equestria Girls Road Trippin

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The Rainbooms are all set for a road trip to play a gig at the home of Granny Smith's cousin, Goldie Delicious, but they immediately run into heavy freeway traffic. Granny, the tour bus driver, says she knows a shortcut and takes them on a wild ride through the woods. The trip is filled with obstacles that the girls overcome using their powers: a flat tire (Applejack's Super Strength and Twilight Sparkle's telekinesis), a herd of cows blocking the road (Fluttershy's animal communication), and a fallen tree (Pinkie Pie's explosive candy). After Granny jumps the bus over a bridge that turns out to be a prop for a movie shoot, they arrive at Goldie's home just in time and go onstage to start their gig.



  • Ice-Cream Koan: Spoofed by Pinkie after she uses her sugar-exploding power.
    Pinkie Pie: If a tree falls in the woods and then gets sprinkle-blasted to bits, did it ever really exist?


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