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Recap / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Digital Series

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Listing of digital shorts in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Digital Series spin-off.

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    Better Together (Season 1) 
  1. "School of Rock": Pinkie, Rarity, and Twilight use their magic to spice up Maud's museum tour.
  2. "A Fine Line": Sunset waits in line for a popular new video game.
  3. "Pinkie Sitting": Pinkie is asked to babysit a girl with little interest in her antics.
  4. "A Queen of Clubs": Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete to be in the most clubs.
  5. "Overpowered": The girls' geodes are making their powers act up.
  6. "The Finals Countdown": Twilight helps the girls study for final exams. (Music video)
  7. "Star Crossed": Twilight goes to hang out with Timber at the planetarium.
  8. "My Little Shop of Horrors": Twilight takes care of the plants in Principal Celestia's garden. (Music video)
  9. "Display of Affection": Rarity has trouble coming up with an important display for her fashion internship, but she is helped by a popular and mysterious street artist.
  10. "A Little Birdie Told Me": Fluttershy is accused of cheating in a math exam, and must prove she is no cheater.
  11. "Super Squad Goals": The girls apprehend a jewel thief.
  12. "Road Trippin": The Rainbooms take a wild ride to reach a gig at Goldie Delicious's house.
  13. "X Marks the Spot": Sunset, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie follow a treasure map.
  14. "Aww... Baby Turtles": Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash lead some baby sea turtles to the ocean.
  15. "Lost and Found": Applejack and Rainbow Dash help Rarity search for her missing earring.
  16. "Too Hot to Handle": Pinkie Pie struggles to get drinks to her friends.
  17. "Unsolved Selfie Mysteries": The girls try to find evidence of a sea monster.
  18. "The Salty Sails": Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity go sailing.
  19. "Blue Crushed": Zephyr Breeze tries to impress Applejack and Rainbow Dash with his surfing prowess.
  20. "Turf War": Applejack and Timber Spruce face off to see who's the better lifeguard.
  21. "Friendship Math": Pinkie Pie gives Twilight a quiz from a fashion magazine to find out just how strong their friendship is.
  22. "The Last Day of School": Twilight and Rainbow Dash react very differently to the upcoming end of the school year.
  23. "Outtakes": Fluttershy tries to shoot an animal adoption video.
  24. "Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic": While working a shift at the diner, Pinkie surprises one customer after another by figuring out exactly what they need.
  25. "Five to Nine": Applejack puts in a full day's work to get the barn ready for a hoedown party with her friends. (Music video)
  26. "So Much More to Me": Fluttershy throws herself into a private singing performance for the animals at the rescue shelter. (Music video)
  27. "The Other Side": Rarity tries to break out of a creative dry spell. (Music video)

    Choose Your Own Ending (Season 1) 
  1. "Fluttershy's Butterflies": Fluttershy tries to overcome her stage fright in order to audition for the school play. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / DJ Pon-3 / Rainbow Dash)
  2. "Text Support": Twilight tries to figure out the meaning of a strange text message from Timber Spruce and how to respond to it. (Multiple Endings - Fluttershy / Rarity / Sunset Shimmer)
  3. "Driving Miss Shimmer": After failing a road test in her driver education class, Sunset Shimmer seeks a crash course from her friends. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Fluttershy / Rarity)
  4. "Best Trends Forever": While doing a school newscast on fashion trends, Rarity comes up short of ideas and looks to her friends for inspiration. (Multiple Endings - Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash / Twilight Sparkle)
  5. "Stressed in Show": Twilight turns to her friends for help in dealing with the stress of working on the school play. (Multiple Endings - Fluttershy / Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash)
  6. "Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot": When a key prop for the school play goes missing, Rarity plays detective to track it down. (Multiple Endings - Maud Pie / Pinkie Pie / Trixie)
  7. "All the World's Off Stage": Sunset hunts for ways to do a quick set change during the play. (Multiple Endings - Micro Chips / Pinkie Pie / Twilight Sparkle)
  8. "Constructive Criticism": Applejack injures herself while building sets for the play and has to call in help to finish the job. (Multiple Endings - Photo Finish / Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash)
  9. "Opening Night": A prop malfunction during the play's premiere has the cast scrambling. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Sunset Shimmer / Twilight Sparkle)
  10. "Happily Ever After Party": The Cutie Mark Crusaders need to get an overhead projector for the play's after-party. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Rainbow Dash / Rarity)

    Better Together (Season 2) 
  1. "Reboxing with Spike!": Spike shows off a batch of upscale dog toys he's ordered for himself, but Twilight Sparkle makes him send them back after finding out how much he spent.
  2. "DIY with Applejack": Applejack tries to record a video of the steps involved in making a dressing room for Rarity, but various mishaps and Rarity's interruptions complicate the project.
  3. "The Craft of Cookies": Pinkie Pie records a cooking video in which she bakes a batch of cookies, while Tank keeps trying to eat the ingredients.
  4. "Street Magic with Trixie!": Twilight uses her telekinesis to liven up Trixie's street magic show.
  5. "Sic Skateboard": Rainbow Dash shows off Tank's new skateboarding trick.
  6. "Street Chic": Rarity dresses Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash in new summer outfits, not paying attention to the cold and windy fall weather in Canterlot.
  7. "Game Stream": Fluttershy surprises Sunset Shimmer with her skills during a video game playthrough.
  8. "Best in Show: The Pre-Show": Applejack and Fluttershy host a behind-the-scenes pre-show for the Canterlot High Pet Show.
  9. "Best in Show: The Victory Lap": Applejack and Fluttershy present the winners of the pet show.
  10. "Schedule Swap": The girls bombard Principal Celestia with requests to change their class schedules.
  11. "Twilight Under the Stars": Twilight tries to work up the nerve to say hello to an astronomer who is one of her favorite authors.
  12. "Five Stars": While working at the diner, Pinkie Pie becomes determined to change the mind of a customer who gave the place a less-than-perfect review.
  13. "FOMO": Rarity resolves to figure out why the others don't want to spend time with her after school
  14. "I'm on a Yacht": The girls enjoy a luxury cruise during spring break. (Music video)
  15. "Run to Break Free": Rainbow Dash feels as if the world around her is stuck in slow motion. (Music video)
  16. "Camping Must-Haves": Applejack and Rarity record an online video in which they discuss the essentials for enjoying a live music festival.
  17. "Festival Filters": At the festival, the girls have fun applying different filters to the pictures they take.
  18. "How to Backstage": Sunset Shimmer records a video of herself going behind the scenes at the festival.
  19. "Festival Looks": The girls hold a video call to describe their preferred clothing styles for the festival.
  20. "Five Lines You Need to Stand In": Pinkie Pie records a video describing the different lines for festival-goers to experience.
  21. "Find the Magic": The Dazzlings search for joy and wonder in the simple things of life. (Music video)
  22. "Let It Rain": Sunset sings about being able to see past adversity to the better times that follow it. (Music video)
  23. "Cheer You On": Flash Sentry sings of his admiration for the girls' heroics. (Music video)
  24. "Do It for the Ponygram!": Bloopers from past shorts, combined with silly video clips recorded by the girls at home and school.

    Choose Your Own Ending (Season 2) 
  1. "Wake-Up!": The girls have to think up a way to get Sunset out of bed at the festival. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash)
  2. "The Last Drop": DJ Pon-3 invites an audience member to join her onstage for a special interactive surprise during her show. (Multiple Endings - Big Macintosh / Fluttershy / Sunset Shimmer)
  3. "Inclement Leather": When a rainstorm threatens to ruin her suede jacket, Rarity turns to her friends for help. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Twilight Sparkle / Vignette Valencia)
  4. "Lost and Pound": The girls find a lost dog on the festival grounds and must decide how to help it out. (Multiple Endings - Fluttershy / Rarity / Spike)
  5. "Accountibilibuddies": After a foot injury leaves Applejack unable to walk on her own, she chooses a friend to look after her. (Multiple Endings - Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash / Snips)
  6. "The Road Less Scheduled": With Twilight's phone (programmed with the festival schedule) out of commission, she needs to follow someone else so as not to miss out on all the fun. (Multiple Endings - Principal Celestia / Fluttershy / Micro Chips)
  7. "Sock It to Me": Just before a big soccer game between Canterlot High and Crystal Prep, Rainbow Dash panics over losing her lucky sock. (Multiple Endings - Bulk Biceps / Rarity / Trixie)
  8. "Tip Toppings": Pinkie wins a free topping for her frozen yogurt and needs help deciding on the best choice. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Fluttershy / Twilight Sparkle)
  9. "Costume Conundrum": Fluttershy asks her friends' advice on what costume to wear to a Halloween party. (Multiple Endings - Applejack / Rarity / Sunset Shimmer)