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Recap / Mike Tyson Mysteries S 1 E 1 The End

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Cormac McCarthy’s latest novel is unfinished and for some reason he turns to Mike Tyson to help him find the ending. But just as Mike settles in to tackle some of that dense, unflinching McCarthy prose, a Chupacabra attacks! Mike puts down the book and puts up his fists.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Chupacabra: Mike has a hard time pronouncing it correctly and he fights one John Updike in "The End."
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  • Death Is Cheap: After the Chupacabra kills Rafael, he comes back as a ghost and doesn't even realize he's dead.
  • Groin Attack: The moment Mike sees the chupacabra that's been terrorizing the ranch, he immediately punches it right in the groin.
  • No, You:
    Yung: Well, I think the most obvious mystery to solve is who is my mother and why did she leave me on Mike Tyson's doorstep when I was a baby?
    Pigeon: Probably because she didn't want you. There. Mystery solved.
    Yung: You're an asshole.
    Pigeon: I'm... You're an asshole.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: It turns out that Mike was right about Cormac McCarthy being a "horse-man" a.k.a. a centaur that has wings.
  • Strange Minds Think Alike: Apparently, Mike and Cormac McCarthy know of a song called "Ain't Got No Time for Bird Sex," which Marquess doubts is actually a real song.

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