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Recap / Meta Runner S 1 E 03 Bad Split

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"You'd be surprised what people would do to be number one."

On the run from Belle, Lucks and TAS Corp, Tari finds herself in a place like no other.

Again picking up right where the last episode left off, Theo has now been pulled out of his game and into reality. Lucks, now even more impressed, offers Tari a chance to join TASCorp. Tari, still fresh off her pain, refuses to join him, and she and Theo make a break for it, running through the streets of Silica City with a group of mooks led by Lucks' number-one Meta Runner, Belle, in hot pursuit.


Episode 3 provides examples of:

  • Brought Down to Normal: Theo finds himself unable to use any of his supernatural abilities in the real world. Though it doesn’t stop him from putting up a fight with and escaping from some TAS Corp grunts.
  • Cliffhanger: The episode ends on Tari being captured, and with Lamar being introduced, who’s well intent on rescuing her.
  • Evolving Credits: Theo's seen sitting next to Tari in the opening in this episode.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the scenes where Theo accidentally livestreams, a certain someone is seen messaging Tari and Theo in the chat...
    Animeking20: Yo girl you gotta bounce from that Steam Lab ASAP!
    Animeking20: Seriously ma man you gotta get the hell outta there!
  • Split-Screen Reaction: The episode opens with this, with Tari, Belle, and Lucks all being taken aback by Theo appearing in the real world.

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