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Recap / Meta Runner S 1 E 04 Sequence Break

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"Oh, this is gonna be fun."
Tari gets her driving game skills on as she faces off with TAS Corp in this high octane fuelled episode of Meta Runner.

Tari has ended up captured by Belle and TASCorp, only to be quickly rescued by Theo in a car driven by an Otaku named Lamar. As Tari gains her signature hoodie, she, Theo and Lamar engage in a high speed chase thorugh the streets of Silica City with Belle and Lucks.

Episode 4 provides examples of:

  • Chase Scene: Of the car variant, with Lamar acting as a Getaway Driver for Tari and Theo.
  • Curse Cut Short: Upon seeing Tari's skills develop once again to escape from her and Lucks, Belle can only let out a "What the f-" before Lucks cut her off to warn her about the oncoming blockade.
  • Gun Nut: The TAS Corp grunt with Belle and Lucks outright sniffs his gun, sighing in enjoyment before he gets to firing.
    Belle: Ew! Where did you find these people, Lucks?
  • Hard Light: Lamar's car has a hard light bumper that he uses to ram into the truck Belle and Tari are in.
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  • Instant Expert: Just from watching Lamar use the controller he's using to drive the car, Tari's able to effectively take the wheel, and perform an outstanding maneuver (With Theo's assistance in setting it up) to jump a blockade that some TAS Corp grunts set up.
  • Not So Above It All: A TAS Corp grunt is seen clapping after seeing Tari's escape past the blockade.
  • Precision Crash: Lamar barely just managed to avoid an oncoming truck by drifting away, Belle, who is chasing after the protagonists, then confidently does the exact same thing, only to immediately get her car crashing into another from the side due to the car swinging out.
  • Theme Music Powerup: We hear an instrumental of "Always Running" in the background when Tari takes control during the car chase.
  • Tracking Chip: It's revealed Lucks' scientists placed a tracking chip on Tari back in Episode 2, which explains how Belle found Tari and Theo back in the previous episode. Though Lamar gives Tari a hoodie that blocks out the chip's signal.
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  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: Tari is more than alarmed upon seeing Lucks has a TAS Corp grunt with a rifle ready to fire at them.

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