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Recap / Jane The Virgin S 5 E 9 Chapter Ninety

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Jane learns that Rogelio bribed her publisher to publish her novel, and has a crisis of confidence. Petra and J.R. struggle with their conflicting parenting styles. Alba and Jorge decide to get married. Luisa wants to meet Rafael's children, but turns out to have an ulterior motive.


  • Call-Back: Alba gets to recapitulate all of the greatest hits of Jane's virginity: the flower that Jane and Xo tell her represents purity, the scene where she's dissuaded from having sex by seeing a petal fall off the flower, the musical number telling her to go have sex during her wedding, and finally a brief animated interlude representing the first time she and Jorge actually do have sex.
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  • The Reveal: Jane's publisher only published her novel because Rogelio promised to guarantee the first ten thousand sales.
  • Runaway Bride: It doesn't actually happen, but Jorge is clearly worried that it might: he asks Jane and Xo if Alba is still in the church before the wedding starts.

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