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Recap / Hannibal S 02 E 11

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Season 2, Episode 11:

Ko no Mono

The body of Freddie Lounds is discovered, charred and strapped to a rolling wheelchair, and the FBI begins to realize that Randall Tier's killer may be linked somehow. Alana continues to voice her suspicions about Will and his relationship with Hannibal, putting more strain between her and her lover. Mason Verger begins therapy with Hannibal, and Hannibal gives advice that goes against the best interests of, and the advice he himself gave to Margot...



  • The Reveal: Freddie is actually alive; her faked death being a part of Will's plan to entrap Hannibal.
  • Smart Ball: After spending the last few episodes blaming the wrong people and not opening her eyes to the truth, Alana picks this up when she finally becomes suspicious of Hannibal, and points out to Jack that she now knows that all of them (Hannibal, Will, and Jack) are lying to each other, and she isn't sure who to believe anymore. This prompts Jack to reveal the truth to Alana.

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