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Recap / Granblue Fantasy Kappa Summer Chronicle

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One night, a group of kappas are working hard for unknown reasons. Kyuta, their youngest, reminisces of the time he spent together with his father and laments that they no longer have time to bond with each other. When the father scolds Kyuta, the exasperated youngling runs away, only to be washed away by the sea.

Meanwhile, after dealing with the shark incidents earlier that summer, the crew once again spends time to have some fun on their last days of summer, accompanied by the Dragon Knights, the Society, and two fishing enthusiasts. However, they soon discover the young kappa washed ashore and is set on a quest to find his way back to his family.


  • A Day in the Limelight: The event focuses on Siegfried, Zeta, Beatrix, Cassius. To a lesser extent, Sig, Ghandagoza and Friday, due to the former two being away for fishing, and the latter appearing only much later.
  • Beach Episode: For the first two chapters, at least.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Sig and Ghandagoza arrives just in time with the God Albacore, and while it's not the only ingredient that wowed Savarin, it's the one that finally put the nail in the coffin.
  • The Cameo: For a while we are treated with Vane, Lancelot and Percival, before they are Put on a Bus. Gabriel, Europa and Niyon also appear in one chapter.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Kyuta demonstrates his knife skills early in the story when Sig and Ghandagoza comes back with a fresh catch of fish. As it turns out later, he's actually part of the crew of kappa responsible for making sushi.
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  • Festival Episode: In chapter three, onwards.
  • Hidden Depths: Yasu claims that he doesn't have the same skill his father has as a sushi chef. However, the sushi he makes in front of Kyuta reveals that he not only worked hard to serve it skillfully, but also delicious enough for Kyuta to rethink his methods.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Yasu comes out as a rather forceful individual and is initially very rude to the crew and Kyuta, but deep down he cares for the restaurant.
  • Monster of the Week: God Albacore (which is unrelated to the primal beast Albacore). Downplayed in that its only appearance is at the intro, responsible for washing Kyuta away from Tono Island, and as a final boss ready to be served in the sushi restaurant.
  • Poor Communication Kills: As it turns out, the head chef allowed Kyuta to enjoy the festival without needing to worry about their work at the restaurant. However, Yasu was not informed of this and tried taking Kyuta by force. The conflict only dropped when they found the head chef collapsed on the floor.
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  • Phantasy Spelling: Salmun.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Even though the sushi shop gained new, albeit temporary, employees to help out, the workload becomes far more hectic as the festivities become more and more crowded. As a result, some orders get mixed up or delayed, and supplies run out. The sushi chef even contemplates closing the restaurant early because of this.
    • Friday's meddling causes more harm than good, as burning almost all the supplies indirectly causes Maita's collapse, having to take over Cassius' work while the latter is putting out the fire. This is made even worse when Savarin arrives, as his approval as a food critic meant the life or death of the restaurant. On the other hand, her reckless actions also causes her to being taken by authorities.
  • Sequel Hook: Gabriel, Europa and Niyon all seemingly foreshadow things that have yet to come that aren't addressed in this event.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Somehow, the customers are unfazed when being served sushi by Kyuta later in the story.
  • Villain Has a Point: Though Friday's attempts of stopping the sushi restaurant are misguided, she is eventually proven right about being overworked, as evidenced by the head chef collapsing from fatigue.

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