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Recap / Freeman's Mind Spinoffs

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A recap of episodes of the Freeman's Mind Spinoffs.

Note: Astute gamers may infer spoilers from what is below. Everything is unmarked for ease of reading. You have been warned!

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Barney's Mind

    Living Quarters Outbound & Insecurity 
  • Episode 1: Barney rides the tram to work and reports for duty. He is then tasked with fixing an elevator.
  • Episode 2: Barney makes his way to the broken elevator and fixes it. Meanwhile, Freeman starts the "green apocalypse". This causes the elevator Barney just fixed to fall down the shaft while he's still inside. The elevator crashes into the bottom of the shaft, knocking Barney unconscious.

    Duty Calls 
  • Episode 3: Barney regains consciousness and starts searching for a way out of the facility.
  • Episode 4: Arrives at the canal and finds a shotgun. He then wonders why the scientists are given HEV suits and shotguns while the security guards are only given a small handgun and a kevlar vest and helmet.
  • Episode 5: Barney blows up the drainage canal.

    Captive Freight 
  • Episode 6: Barney reaches the surface and briefly encounters some HECU marines. He then returns underground.
  • Episode 7: Wonders around some hallways and discovers the body of his deceased friend Greg.
  • Episode 8: Barney encounters a dying scientist who instructs him to find Dr. Rosenburg if he wants to escape.
  • Episode 9: Barney rescues Douchebag and has some flashbacks of the training course.
  • Episode 10: Rescues Dr. Rosenburg.

    Focal Point 
  • Episode 11: Barney arrives at the old prototype labs with Dr. Rosenburg who teleports him to Xen.
  • Episode 12: Makes his way to the triangulation device.
  • Episode 13: Reactivates the triangulation device by hitting it and returns to the lab.

    Power Struggle 
  • Episode 14:
    • Part 1: Barney busts the myth that Black Mesa doors are indestructible.
    • Part 2: Turns on the auxiliary power and charges the new power cell.

    A Leap of Faith & Deliverance 
  • Episode 15:
    • Part 1: Barney and the gang teleport outside Black Mesa, narrowly avoiding more marines.
    • Part 2: A teleportation malfunction teleports Barney back to Xen, then a Counter-Strike: Source server, then City 17, then a forest, then back to Sector C where the mess started, where Barney has a conversation with Shephard who is trapped in Freeman's locker. Barney is then teleported outside Black Mesa with the scientists who have prepared an SUV for escape.
    • Part 3: An HECU checkpoint blocks the way out of Black Mesa forcing Barney and co. to detour to the Black Mesa airport to fly their way out.
    • Part 4: Air force arrives and attempts to shoot them down. However, the fighter jet is mysteriously teleported away from them and they all escape to Bulgaria. Final Episode.

    Bonus Episodes 
  • Episode 14?: Barney is sent downstairs to retrieve a new power cell and... goes crazy and and starts killing everything while breaking the forth wall.

Shephard's Mind

    Boot Camp 
  • Episode 0: Shephard goes through Advanced Training at boot camp.

    Incoming & Welcome to Black Mesa 
  • Episode 1: Shephard and his squad are helicoptered into Black Mesa for a mission. The helicopter is blown up mid-flight leaving Shephard stranded in the facility.
  • Episode 2: Shephard finds a radio and is told that the HECU is pulling out from the facility.
  • Episode 3: Escapes from a room full of rising radioactive waste with help from G-Man.

    "We Are Pulling Out" 
  • Episode 4: Shephard rides a tram and buys a chocolate bar. He finds a phone and calls 911 but the operator doesn't believe him about the situation.
  • Episode 5: Shephard reaches the extraction point, only for his escape to be blocked by G-Man. He punches some vortigaunts to death in frustration, except not really, and instead panics and kills them with an MP5 he has no idea how to use.

    Missing in Action 
  • Episode 6: First encounter with Race X.

    Friendly Fire 
  • Episode 7: Reaches the office complex and reunites with some left behind soldiers.
  • Episode 8: Encounters the Black Ops.
  • Episode 9: Rides a tram to the Lambda Complex.

    We Are Not Alone 
  • Episode 10: Shephard finds Freeman as he jumps into the Xen portal. Shephard himself is forced to escape into Xen when the room starts collapsing. While in Xen, he finds a teleportation gun and falls into the endless void.

    Crush Depth 
  • Episode 11: Shephard uses the teleportation gun to teleport out of the void and into the Black Mesa training course. He then teleports back in and out of Xen into a different part of the facility.
  • Episode 12: Shephard accidentally teleports into Freeman's locker and has a conversation with Barney. He later gets out and explores Sector C.
  • Episode 13: Reaches the test chamber where Freeman triggered the "green apocalypse". He then spends half of the episode teleporting to places Freeman already visited.

    Vicarious Reality 
  • Episode 14: Shephard finds a Shock Roach who he names "Sparky".
  • Episode 15: "ADRIAN KICKS ASS!"
  • Episode 16: Finds a "weird squid, slime-spitting alien gun thing" who he names Gil and a barnacle he names Barney.

    Pit Worm's Nest 
  • Episode 17: Arrives at Waste Processing Area 3 and encounters a "giant centipede".
  • Episode 18: Activates the Gearbox, turns the Valve and defeats the "centipede". Then he overdoses on Freeman's oxycodone thinking it's antidepressant.

    Foxtrot Uniform 
  • Episode 19: The oxycodone starts taking effect. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Episode 20: The oxycodone wears off. He also loses his teleportation gun.
  • Episode 21: Shephard discovers skeletons and thinks he hears the ghosts of the marines that died because of him. He briefly mourns for them, only to realize that the voices are actually coming from the surface.

    "The Package" 
  • Episode 22: Shephard becomes the world-record holder for the shortest time spent talking to someone before they die.
  • Episode 23: Shephard discovers a plan by the Black Ops to nuke Black Mesa.
  • Episode 24: Shephard disarms the nuke, only for the G-Man to re-arm it. He then ambushes and kills a hoard of Black Ops except for one named Lydia who tells Shephard about the cover-up, the G-Man, the Resonance Cascade, and a way out of the facility.

    Worlds Collide & Conclusion 

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