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Recap / Empath: The Luckiest Smurf - Virtual Smurfality

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Handy, Miner, and Papa Smurf introduce to the rest of the Smurfs the village's very first Imaginarium — a place where they can make into reality anything they can imagine within its environment. Empath, Smurfette, and the Smurflings refuse to try it out, but eventually they return to find that the other Smurfs can't leave the Imaginarium for some reason.

This story provides the following examples of:

  • Chick Magnet: Papa Smurf, when he finds himself to be the only Smurf left in the first Imaginarium fantasy setting (the beach) with a bunch of female Smurfs coming after him.
  • Ear Ache: Smurfette gives Brainy one by pulling him by the ear to get him to leave his Imaginarium fantasy setting before the crystals shatter.
  • Hula and Luaus: Despite being set in medieval Europe, this story has the initial beach setting in the Imaginarium full of virtual Smurfettes wearing floral wreaths and doing dances similar to the hula.
  • The Imaginarium Is For Porn/The Rule of First Adopters: The very first use of the Imaginarium was to... well, satisfy a Smurf's desire to be alone with a Smurfette, as in when the Imaginarium was first activated, a bunch of female Smurfs all appear to give the male Smurfs some company. The real Smurfette is not pleased to find out that an imagined version of herself appears in a fantasy setting where Brainy imagines himself to be King Smurf again.
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  • Imaginarium Malfunction: As the Smurfs eventually go off into their own fantasy settings at the same time, the Imaginarium crystals start to overheat with too much energy, and Empath, Smurfette, and the Smurflings must rescue them all from their fantasies before the crystals shatter, leaving them trapped.
  • Klatchian Coffee: When Papa Smurf, Handy, and Miner are working on an all-night project together, Papa orders three glasses of cinnamon tree bark brew (the Smurf version of coffee) from Tapper's Tavern. Tapper fills out the order, telling Papa, "Why, this brew is smurfed so strong, it can even put smurf on your chest, I tell you!" Empath rolls his eyes at that comment, probably remembering Papa Smurf with his Carpet of Virility in "Papa's Big Crush".

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