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Recap / Doctor Who S33 Short "Clarence and the Whispermen"

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Shh... Use your whisper voices...

Clarence DeMarco: Will I still hang tomorrow?
Whisperman: A pardon will be yours. The rope will not.
Clarence: Will you finally leave me alone?!
Whisperman: You will live a good long life, except you will always have such trouble sleeping.

The one where evil sounds quiet.

A prequel to the Series 7 Finale released a week after said finale aired.

The viewer is given insight into the prisoner Clarence, and his knowledge of the Whispermen, who forcefully inject the coordinates of Trenzalore into the prisoner's mind. The Whispermen then order Clarence to hand the coordinates over to Madame Vastra, which will spare him from execution. The Whispermen also reveal that they are living embodiments of total information. Watch it on YouTube.




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