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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 49 Destruction Of The Capitol Culumons Wish

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Dukemon is pulled back by the D-Reaper when he tries to save Beelzebumon. As Ai and Makoto witness what’s happening to Beelzebumon by the D-Reaper’s feed, Juri begins to regret her actions, believing that she’d done something horrible.

Beelzebumon falls into the D-Reaper, but Grani rescues him and pulls him out. He releases Dukemon from the D-Reaper’s bonds and returns Beelzebumon, now back to the form of Impmon, to Sakuyamon.


Yamaki suddenly alerts Takato that he and the others need to get out of there - the United Nations is starting to send attacks. Takato tells Yamaki that he can’t, because Juri’s trapped in the sphere at the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, and Jiangyu suggests requesting the United Nations to stop the attack. With only thirty seconds left before the attack, Dukemon and the others have no choice but to retreat.

Yamaki and the Wild Bunch wonder if the UN has some kind of plan, since they know that normal human weaponry is useless. The UN planes deploy jammers into the D-Reaper, which emit powerful waves in order to interfere with it. Another member of the Wild Bunch, Johnny Beckenstein, contacts the group in Japan from America and tells them that the intent was to paralyze it.


Impmon wakes up, and Takato continues to call for Juri. From within the D-Reaper, Juri’s had enough and wants out. The former Juri-lookalike agent begins to taunt her, binding her and telling her that her thought process is “pitiful”. It tells her that her negative emotions fuel the D-Reaper’s power, but as Juri continues to fight, the cords binding her suddenly also bind up the agent in turn.

The D-Reaper begins to increase in temperature at an alarming rate, and Culumon tries to break Juri out. The more she resists, however, the more the D-Reaper restrains her, and Juri’s pain allows the D-Reaper to evolve into a more powerful and menacing form. Takato is frustrated at his inability to go into the bubble and save Juri, but as the bubbles rise further, he has no choice but to retreat with everyone else.


One week later, there’s been little progress, and Takato is visited by his cousin Kai. Meanwhile, Renamon eats with Ruki, her mother, and her grandmother, and they have a discussion on Renamon’s gender: Digimon are of No Biological Sex, but Renamon is considered part of the all-female family.

Kai speculates that Takato must have his first love involved in his job to save the world, and figures out that there’s definitely something going on when Takato’s reaction is rather flustered. Takato realizes that he does like Juri after all, and decides that this is why he has to save her.

Culumon tries to cheer Juri up, telling her that he wants to see her happy, but she doesn’t believe he should bother with someone like her.

The Wild Bunch finds out that the D-Reaper has been spreading in other communications networks all over the world; as for the one in Japan, while most of the jammers no longer function, a few are still able to transmit data. Johnny says that he’s found the information stream inside the D-Reaper to be faster than light, which is how it’s able to evolve so quickly.

Now knowing that the D-Reaper is effectively a large quantum computer, Curly and Babel reveal that they’ve started work on a program, codenamed "Operation: Doodlebug", that will revert the D-Reaper to its original, harmless state.

Juri decides that the best thing to happen is for herself to die, since she believes it would stop everything horrible that’s happening. The D-Reaper, however, decides that humans are illogical and worthless...and that it no longer needs Juri.

Jiangyu begins to analyze the structure of Terriermon so that it’ll help them analyze the D-Reaper.

The D-Reapers around the world begin to interact in the hopes of creating a large wave of heat that would create a climate disaster. Juri attempts to strangle herself with her Hand Puppet, but Culumon pulls it away and tells her that everyone wants her back. The D-Reaper begins to pull Culumon away from Juri, and Juri begins to plead for help from Takato; far away, Takato senses Juri being in trouble and realizes that he has to go.

Shibumi presents Jian with a red card, which Jian slashes through his Ark. This sends a ping to Takato and Ruki’s Ark, telling them that they need to fight. Jian goes off, but Jiangyu seems to be more upset about something than usual; Takato’s parents send him off, with his mother telling him that she’s proud of him.


  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: When the United Nations forces attack, one of the pilots reports: “Approaching to the target. Lefting [remaining] time: 22 seconds.”

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