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Recap / Creeped Out S 2 E 7 Only Child

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The Curious pushes a pram through a busy street.

Mia's mother and stepfather Julian have just had a new baby boy. The baby constantly cries whenever Mia is around him or tries to hold him. Whilst attending to the baby, she hears the closet door rattling and when she opens it, everything falls out, causing her mother to think Mia deliberately made a mess. Mia is woken in the night by the sound of her mother's music box, and when the music finishes, the box somehow winds itself up again. Mia sees her newborn brother standing up by himself and screams, alerting her mother and Julian. Mia's mom thinks her daughter is upset by having a new brother and stepfather, and is playing around to get attention. She does not believe Mia's claims to have seen and heard strange things.


One day when Mia is taking care of the baby, he disappears. She searches the house for him, and hears a demonic giggle. Mia again sees the baby standing up by himself, but when her mother returns, the baby is back in his crib and someone has written "I AM THE ONLY CHILD" on his mirror. Mia's mother is angry and thinks Mia is just being selfish. Julian is more understanding, and tells Mia that they have been trying for a baby for a long time; her mother will be devastated if anything happens to the baby. When the baby uses his alphabet blocks to communicate with Mia and transforms into an imp in front of her, Mia gets the idea to provoke him into doing it again and capture it on camera. But when she tries to show her mother the video, it actually shows her trashing the baby's room and setting up the alphabet blocks herself. Mia's mother now cannot cope and wants to send her to boarding school.


Through a conversation with Julian, Mia realises she did vandalise everything - the baby is controlling her mind and distorting her memories. She also works out that the high-frequency sound from Julian's guitar amplifier is dangerous to the imp. Mia locks herself in the baby's room and wires up the amplifier, planning to use the sound to destroy the imp. But when her mother pleads with her not to hurt the baby, Mia decides that she can't do it because her mother wanted the baby so much. She asks the baby what she must do to make their mother happy; he moves his alphabet blocks to give her his answer. A week later, Mia seems to be getting along with the baby and her mother is relieved. But when Mia is alone with the baby, it is revealed he is using her as his slave. The camera shows his answer to her a week previously: "WHATEVER I WANT."


Tropes in this episode:

  • Brown Note: The imp can't use its powers when exposed to high frequency noises.
  • Cassandra Truth: Nobody believes Mia when she says she's not behind the strange goings on at home. It turns out she really is behind them, but only because her new brother is controlling her into doing so.
  • Downer Ending: Mia is enslaved to the imp forever.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: How the narrator refers to Mia's actions in the ending.
  • No Name Given: The baby is never named; Mia's mom claims that she couldn't think of a name that would "stick"
  • Off to Boarding School: Mia's mother contemplates this, thinking she is deliberately misbehaving to get attention.
  • Sadistic Choice: Mia has an opportunity to reveal the imp to her parents, but remembers her stepfather telling her how desperately her mother wanted a new baby and how it would destroy her if anything happened. The imp uses this to force her into willingly doing its bidding.
  • Sibling Rivalry: A far more sinister example than most.
  • Wicked Stepmother: Subverted with Julian. Mia's mother thinks that Mia doesn't like Julian much and he is part of the reason for Mia's "bad behaviour." In reality, she seems to get along with him well and he is sometimes more understanding toward her than her mother is.

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