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Recap / Creeped Out S 2 E 4 The Many Place

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The Curious lounges on a bed in a deserted hotel room.

Nita and her family go on holiday to Australia. They are disappointed that it's raining heavily despite being summer. Nita wants to spend time with a cute boy she met in the hotel lobby, and her little sister Max complains that Nita won't play with her like they used to. Max plays with a lift and presses all the buttons, but the hotel's caretaker warns her not to do this or the "Quinkin" will come for her. Nita's parents ask her to take Max and their brother Jet to the pool with her, which Nita doesn't want to do because she was going to meet the boy from the lobby. When they get in the lift to go to the pool, Max presses all the buttons. The lift shakes violently and the lights flash, before the lift takes them to an unknown floor.


The kids soon find that they are not in the hotel, but a strange dimension full of branching corridors with endless doors. They hear the sounds of a monster and work out that this is the Quinkin. The kids get separated from Max whilst trying to evade the monster. Nita and Jet find a lift and escape, but notice that it is not the same lift they used before. When they return to their room, they find their parents are gone and a completely different couple are staying in the room. They try to ask for help at reception but are told their parents aren't there. Nita tries to call her mother, who has now never heard of her. The caretaker warns them that, by pressing all the buttons, they went to the "Many Place": a portal to every possible alternate dimension. Now, they are in a different reality in which they were never born. The only way to get back to their own reality is to find the right doors. However, this could quite literally take forever, and the Many Place is also home to the Quinkin, a monster that feeds on lost people.


Nita and Jet return to the Many Place and try to go back the way they came, but can't. Nita bursts into tears and Jet yells at her: she wanted to be grown-up, so she should act like it. She decides their first step should be to find Max, and uses chalk to mark their steps as they call for Max through different doors. Eventually, Max responds and warns them to shut their eyes. She approaches, accompanied by the Quinkin. Its natural instinct is to eat people's eyes but she says that, if they trust it and hold its hands, it will lead them to safety. The Quinkin leads them into a lift, and they press all the buttons. Nita and Jet are happy to find themselves back in their own reality but, upon opening their eyes, discover "Max" isn't their sister - this is an alternate version of her from another reality. The kids head back to their room, where their own Max is safe with their parents. She excitedly tells them that she has already met this alternate version of herself, who helped her find her way back. She asks her parents if the other Max can stay with them.


The Curious is seen to have ended up in one of the dimensions that Nita and Jet found. It leaves through a door marked DON'T GO OUT.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Alternate Self: On their trips to different realities, the kids encounter an alternate version of the receptionist, speak to an alternate version of their mother (who never gave birth to them), the caretaker ( who is also mentioned to have a blind counterpart in the reality the other Max is from) and the other Max.
  • Alternate Universe: The children travel into a number of different universes, including one where they were never born and one where the hotel is abandoned.
  • Brick Joke: Toward the start of the episode, Max asks her dad if she can have another sister. At the end, she asks her parents if she can keep the other Max, which would make them sisters.
  • Cool Big Sis: Nita is generally this, although she's been neglecting her siblings somewhat.
  • Crusty Caretaker: The hotel's caretaker, who is an old man who sternly warns the children not to press all the buttons on the lift and that they run the risk of getting lost in the Many Place.
  • Eye Scream: The Quinkin eats people's eyes.
  • Shout-Out: The episode features some references to The Shining:
    • The theme tune's opening notes are also changed to resemble the instruments used for that film's theme tune.
    • The room number the family stays in is room 238, a number higher than room 237 which was the room the Torrance family stayed in their creepy hotel.
    • Nita and Jet come across a lift leaking water out of its doors, a reference to the scene of a lift leaking blood.
    • The two Maxes standing with each other at the end reference to the twins from that film. They also wear a similar dress to the twins.
    • [[Nita scribbles on the doors in red, in imitation of Danny during the "redrum" scene.]]

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