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Recap / Cougar Town S 3 E 09 Money Becomes King

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"Money Becomes King" is the ninth episode of Cougar Town's third season.

Jules' and Grayson's upcoming wedding and a conversation with Holly leads to Grayson and Jules disagreeing about finances, particularly which of their houses will be sold, which leads Jules to drag Grayson to her therapist. When she agrees with Grayson and tells Jules exactly the opposite of what wanted to hear, it makes Jules dig into her position even deeper.


Meanwhile, Laurie and travis discuss Laurie's booming cake business while Laurie grapples with possibly needing to quit working for Jules, and Andy is pressured by Ellie to play a joke on Bobby, who he believes wouldn't handle it well.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Ignored Epiphany: Jules frequently does this, even when explained to her by others, including her therapist, but she just brushes it off if she doesn't like it. Partly subverted when Ellie helps Jules realize that she can pay Laurie by using Grayson's money.
  • The Shrink: Jules' therapist, a type II. Even when she does attempt to lay down some boundaries, it usually backfires. Possibly justified in the fact that apparently Jules' is her most profitable patient.