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Recap / Chucky

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This is a list of episodes of Chucky.

Season 1

  1. "Death by Misadventure": When teen Jake Wheeler picks up and buys a vintage doll at a yard sale, his young life begins to change forever.
  2. "Give Me Something Good to Eat": Chucky targets one of Jake's frenemies, forcing Jake to decide whether he will stop the killer doll or help him.
  3. "I Like to Be Hugged": Chucky reminisces about his first murder, pressuring Jake to make a choice of killing or being killed.
  4. "Just Let Go": Jake's bond with Devon intensifies as he teams up with an unlikely ally in an attempt to outwit Chucky.
  5. "Little Little Lies": Jake and Devon progress their relationship; enemies-and allies-from Chucky's past show up.
  6. "Cape Queer": Jake and his friends set a risky trap for Chucky that could have dire consequences if it backfires.
  7. "Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss": The kids desperately try to figure out Chucky's mysterious endgame before it's too late.
  8. "An Affair to Dismember": Scores will be settled as Chucky's diabolical plan comes to fruition at a dangerous, public venue.

Season 2

  1. "Halloween II": Jake, Devon and Lexy cannot believe it when they receive threatening calls from an all-too-familiar-sounding enemy.
  2. "The Sinners Are Much More Fun": Chucky arrives at Incarnate Lord, filled with a murderous agenda; a detective questions Tiffany about Nica's disturbing disappearance.
  3. "Hail, Mary!": After successfully capturing Chucky, Jake suggests that he should be brainwashed and turned into an ally.
  4. "Death on Denial": Tiffany's secrets are threatened by a surprise intervention.
  5. "Doll on Doll": Devon worries that Good Chucky can't be trusted; Tiffany spirals from the surprise party.
  6. "He is Risen Indeed": Incarnate Lord goes on lockdown with the Chucky dolls inside; Nica moves forward with her plan.
  7. "Goin' To The Chapel": Jake and the others try to perform an exorcism.
  8. "Chucky Actually": Jake, Devon, and Lexy try to readjust after the events back at Incarnate Lord. However, Chucky is back and bent on getting his revenge on them.