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Recap / Chucklevision S 10 E 7 Safari Park Keepers

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The Chuckle Brothers work at a safari park, until they hear that elephant poachers are coming.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Bigger on the Inside: Averted, when Paul see how big Barry's tent is from the inside, he deliberately collapses his own tent so he share Barry's tent. However, Barry's tent was actually the right size from the inside when Paul enters the second time.
  • Butt-Monkey: No Slacking, as usual. He gets attacked by a escaped lion, then he ends up being caught in a net, mistaken for a elephant poacher.
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  • Clothing Damage: Due to the attack of the escaped lion, No Slacking survives with his clothes slashed and torn.
  • Escaped Animal Rampage: Happens off-screen when a lion chases No Slacking and the visitors from Paul and Barry's point of view. After the incident, No Slacking chews the brothers out for that.
    No Slacking: And not only you fail to feed the lions properly, you let one of them loose to terrorize our visitors!
  • Gilligan Cut: This exchange when the brothers are entering the lion territory:
    Paul: Now remember, lions can be very dangerous animals. Last thing we want is a puncture or anything.
    (Cut to the Chuckmobile with a flat tire)
    Paul: It's a sure thing, isn't it?
  • What the Hell, Hero?: No Slacking calls out the brothers on this, thanks to their foolishness by leaving the gate open for the lion to escape and attack the visitors.
    No Slacking: And not only you've failed to feed the lions properly, you let one of them loose to terrorize our visitors!
    Paul: And we did get him back for you, eventually.
    No Slacking: What you pair need is a good dressing down.
    Barry: (misunderstanding No Slacking) Oh, good. I need a new dressing gown. Can I get a pair of pajamas as well?
    No Slacking: No "dressing gown", "dressing down!" Never before have I seen such incompetent lackluster slackers like you pair!
    Paul: We're not in your good books, then?
    No Slacking: No, you're not! And if you were, I'd take you back to the library.